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 Photo-montage of nightscapes #1

I’m a night person. There, now I admit it. Despite having a regular daytime job and usually sleeping at night, I like spending my free time in the evening and I am in most creative phase late at night. I’ve blogged about my preference to get away from it all while the sun is out a few times before and those entries were full of emo-ness which only serves to highlight that I really, personally love the nighttime.

 Photo-montage of nightscapes #2

I like how the night brings out the beauty of the city. I guess hiding all that chaos and pollution under the shroud of darkness is one benefit of the night. One of my dreams is to live in a condo unit around 10 to 15 stories up the building where I can have a glittering view of the Metro at night. I hope to achieve that dream someday.

I love driving around the city after midnight since the roads are devoid of traffic. I actually tend to stay somewhere after work instead of going straight home just so I can have a breezy ride back to my house.

I enjoy sunsets much more than sunrises. Sunsets are often spectacularly beautiful and I guess the fact that they are harbingers of the night is a bonus. And I really enjoy how the nighttime brings a brief respite from the summer heat.

 Photo-montage of nightscapes #3

I like being creative late at night when people are asleep and everything is quiet. I also have a particular love for 24/7 outlets. Hanging out at BoNa Coffee in Alabang is a personal favorite as well as having late-night dinners at Jollibee, Chowking, or McDonald’s along Macapagal Boulevard (all of which are open 24 hours).

Even though I like how quiet and silent things can be during the night, I also love partying and clubbing late into the wee hours of the morning. I also prefer meeting friends for dinner and enjoying whatever gimik comes to mind. You might say I love the nightlife.

Silent or loud, alone or with friends, I’d rather have either at night.

 Photo-montage of nightscapes #4

I don’t actually mind doing activities during the day (I actually brave the sun and heat during our OpenStreetMap Mapping Parties), but if I were given the choice to do something that doesn’t require sunlight, doing it during the night is hands-down the winner for me.

I’m a night person. Are you?

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