2007: April

Broadly Banding at Last

11:59 pm PHT

Last year, I speculated on getting a broadband connection. Now, after years of subsisting on dial-up and chewing on months of free Wi-Fi, I’m finally munching on high-speed Internet, baby!  :D In a stroke of good timing, Globelines/Innove have recently began servicing my area and they have been aggressively promoting their broadband services around the time we got back to Las Piñas. While PLDT already provides MyDSL services in our village, we hear more horror stories about PLDT and their customer service (e.g., Rico and this hapless call center conversation) that signing up for Globe was an easy decision. My friend, who lives in the adjacent subdivision, has vouched for Globe as well. Not even Max’s gripes with Globe dissuaded me (and being the winner of this year’s Philippine Blog Awards Best Technology Blog, Max’s opinion must count for something).

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iBlog3 Notes (Part 1)

7:05 am PHT

The iBlog3 last April 13 and 14 was a blast. I was able to attend parts of the program at both days and also the socials at the end of each day. I originally wanted to attend the whole event but because I really had to finish some things up at work on Friday and because I had to go to my doctor on the morning of Saturday, I was only able to see the last quarter of Day 1 and the first three quarters of Day 2, making a grand total of 1 day attended.  :)

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The Linking Economy

9:59 pm PHT

Due to the recent announcement of Google’s top SEO guy Matt Cutts of a way to report to Google sites who sell links on their pages, there has been a lot of online discussion about the whole economy of buying and selling links and how it affects search engine rankings, with particular emphasis on small people like bloggers who use text links from brokers like Text Link Ads as a way to get additional income. For instance, Yuga touched a bit on the topic by talking about links from WordPress themes.

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Live Blogging at iBlog3

2:41 pm PHT

Yay for free Wi-Fi. I’m finally blogging live about something for the first time. I’m at the iBlog3, or the 3rd Philippine Blogging Summit, held here at the School of Economics in U.P. Diliman. Today is Day 2 of the summit and right now, J. Angelo Racoma is talking about blogging as a form of mainstream media (i.e., Social News, like Digg).

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Cleanest Elections in Two Decades?

7:41 pm PHT

Literally. I’m amazed that with less than five weeks before the 2007 Philippine election, it doesn’t feel like there is any upcoming election when you go out on the streets. The dearth of posters, banners, streamers, flags, stickers, banderitas, and other election paraphernalia is quite an unexpected, yet welcome change. I guess the politicians are heeding the COMELEC order quite well.

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Belated Philippine Blog Awards Night Post-post

7:05 pm PHT

Gaaah! This is another belated blog event post. I really planned to post about the recently concluded (and apparently controversial) 2007 Philippine Blog Awards Night (official website) but due to unforeseen circumstances and nonexistent Internet connection, I am only able to blog about it now. Don’t worry, this post won’t be part of an echo chamber because I got my own picture gallery with some never-before-seen pictures! (Everybody loves pictures, right? Continue reading on.  :))

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Back in Las Piñas

9:25 am PHT

After staying in Parañaque for 5 months, we’re now moving back to Las Piñas. I was supposed to blog about the Philippine Blog Awards Night, but I didn’t knew about the plan to move back and so I spent Sunday hauling our stuff. We’re now living in in the general vicinity of this satellite image.

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