2007: July

New Google Earth Satellite Imagery for July 2007

11:15 pm PHT

Almost two months after Google updated their satellite image data for Google Earth, they have again updated their data last July 26. If you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you would expect me to keep on top of these updates.  :)

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McDonald’s Mad Dash Race

12:15 am PHT

Right about now, the Mad Dash contest is starting. This contest is a race between 24 two-person teams to visit 24 24-hour McDonald’s stores in Metro Manila in 24 hours on July 24 (7/24). The first team to do so wins a cool 240,000 pesos tax-free! The non-winning teams all get 1,000-peso gift certificates. And all you needed to qualify to join is a 150-peso single-receipt purchase.

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Runner-up at Proudly Pinoy

8:31 pm PHT

I did not expect to win the Proudly Pinoy logo design contest that I joined. As I mentioned before, these types of free-for-all contests is like winning a lottery. Almost.

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There is Currently No Point to Wikipiniana (aka WikiPilipinas)

2:07 pm PHT

The title above is my answer to the question, “Is there any point to Wikipiniana?” over at the main blog of the Bayanihan Blog Network. Well, what the heck is Wikipiniana? Wikipiniana (recently rebranded as WikiPilipinas) aims to be the largest online Philippine encyclopedia, written by Filipinos. Currently having more than 25,000 articles, most of them stubs (short placeholder information about the topic), Wikipiniana uses the same collaborative wiki model employed by Wikipedia, currently the largest online encyclopedia.

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Ratified at #23

6:19 pm PHT

Cool. I’m already at the front page of Andrew’s and currently at #23. I’ve also managed to overtake Yuga who’s now at #24. My terrific rise in the rankings (I’m now among the top 10,000 blogs at Technorati) is almost single-handedly due to my Lakbayan website. Marc was correct in saying that Lakbayan is one of the best Pinoy linkbaits this year. Other links came because I attended the Taste Asia Food Fest two weeks ago.

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On Scams and Schemes

4:48 pm PHT

You all should know by now about the recent news about Ponzi schemes and other high-yield investment programs on the Web that promise incredible returns by just forking over your money. Most thinking people should know by now that investing in such schemes is just plain greedy. So I’m just shocked, really shocked, to read several of the reader comments on this blog post, which discusses these online scams. Update: Here is another blog post with illogical reader comments.

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Proudly Pinoy Logo Contest

12:09 am PHT

Well, I’ve decided to join the Proudly Pinoy logo contest where people submit up to three logos depicting the concept of being proudly Pinoy. The winning logo can then be used by Filipino websites to display their Pinoy pride and the winning logo-maker gets a cool cash prize of 10,000 pesos. Shown to the right are the entries I submitted.

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I’m a Guest Blogger at Google Sightseeing!

11:25 am PHT

Check it out! When the guys over at Google Sightseeing decided to let their readers write their own posts for Google Sightseeing instead of their usual method of soliciting suggestions, I immediately took the opportunity to get the first ever Philippine spot featured on their popular site (and to plug my blog and Vista Pinas as well  :)). Anyway, the Philippine spot I wrote about is the Mactan Shrine in Cebu. I figured that because this historic landmark features an obelisk dedicated to Ferdinand Magellan, whose expedition is the first to successfully circumnavigate the world, a write-up about the shrine would appeal to an international audience.

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Yahoo! Has Satellite Images of Manila and Davao

11:47 pm PHT

Playing catch up with Google Maps, Yahoo! last year added satellite imagery to their Yahoo! Maps website. Naturally, being the map geek that I am, I checked out their offering last year and was disappointed to find out that they didn’t have any high-resolution satellite imagery for the Philippines, unlike Google Maps which had some back then.

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Only in the Philippines!

5:17 pm PHT

I was tagged both by Juned and by Joni for this Philippine Independence Day meme and I only got around to doing this now because I’ve been busy with my other (more popular) Independence Day meme.  ;)

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Taste Asia Bloggers Dinner

12:40 am PHT

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Some Viral Messages Just Won’t Die

1:11 pm PHT

I’m stating the obvious when some rumors, urban legends, and hoaxes keep getting passed on through e-mail, text messages, and blog posts despite the presence of sites like the Urban Legends Reference Pages that serve as a sort-of clearinghouse for things like this. (Even to this day, I occasionally get the Microsoft-AOL beta e-mail tracking system hoax that’s been going on since 1997.)

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