2004: June

Petals Around the Roses

7:13 pm PHT

So I stumbled onto this weird game after reading a thread at our UP EEE ’98 YahooGroup. The initial e-mail pointed to a Flash version of the game. People replying to the e-mail thread were frustrated until, one by one, they figured it out.

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NY Times’ 1,000 Best Movies Ever Made

10:05 pm PHT

I saw this list of The New York Times’ The 1,000 Best Movies Ever Made (requires a free registration) via Kottke and decided to see how many of these movies I have already seen (Kottke has seen 201). Not surprisingly, I’ve seen a mere 37 out of 1,004. What’s surprising is the choices of the “film critics of The New York Times.”

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10:15 pm PHT

Keka is definitely one of the best Pinoy films I have ever watched. I loved it so much that I watched the DVD early morning last Saturday. Keka is not your ordinary jologs Pinoy film. It’s got a great story, great dialogues, funny scenes, and very good editing.

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First Time Mo?

9:51 pm PHT

So I finally have a blog. Just like most pseudo-losers, I’ve decided to join all the cool people and jump on the bandwagon, adding my voice to the cacophony that is the blogosphere. It would be an interesting experience maintaining a blog as I never really had a journal or a diary nor even written a regular column in any periodical.

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