2005: May

The Wayfarer Guide

8:40 pm PHT

I really, really dislike posting online quiz results but I really find this very interesting.

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Revenge of the Sith

11:21 pm PHT

Watched it yesterday. Agree that it was the best of the first three episodes. Agree with Kottke that you’d wish things would have turned out differently despite knowing what happens. Agree that the slaughtering of the Jedi was kinda sad. Agree that the movie spent too much time tying the knots to Episode IV. Agree that the movie is more engrossing than expected. Agree that the dialogue (especially between Padme and Anakin) was cheesy. Agree that the acting won’t win Oscars (but it wasn’t that bad). Agree?

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How to Make Applications Work in Windows XP Limited User Accounts

9:03 pm PHT

Here’s something I’ve learned when I was using my new PC. I’m writing this down so that other people might benefit.

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I’ve Got a New Baby!

12:03 pm PHT

I can’t think of a clever and witty rejoinder to that title so I’ll go straight to the point and announce that I bought myself a new computer! I’ve been meaning to buy one for a very long time since my 5-year-old AMD K6–2 500 MHz PC with its 64 MB of SDRAM and running Microsoft Windows 98 SE is now inadequate for my computing needs.

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Occasionally You Do Something Really Stupid

11:47 pm PHT

Like almost crushing your Nokia 6610. I “misplaced” the phone under an equipment bar at the gym today, under the mistaken impression that it’ll be safer there (safe from prying eyes). What escaped my mind was that that bar goes down to the floor when using the gym machine. So I almost crushed my already battered phone.

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Never Fade

10:00 am PHT

For once I am not tripping on a Paul van Dyk song, although I still have a crush on that last one. The song that I can’t get out of my head right now is Solu Music’s “Fade” featuring KimBlee on vocals. Like many dance/electronica songs I like, I encountered this song from diverse places before I finally learn enough about it for it to actually become a favorite.

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7th Race Ended Amazingly

11:12 pm PHT

I’m posting this only now since everyone should already know who won and I don’t want to spoil anyone inadvertently.

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Okay, I’ll Say Something

10:42 pm PHT

Nah, I don’t think enough has been said.

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Pampanga Games

11:43 pm PHT

Last Friday, my company trooped to Clark in Pampanga to hold the main event of our annual sportsfest. Six teams have competed in various events like basketball, volleyball, and badminton months before, so the only remaining event was the parlor games.

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I Hate the Weather

10:33 pm PHT

Nuff said.

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