2007: March

Drive from Newfoundland to the Canary Islands

5:22 pm PHT

The Google/GIS blogosphere is having a field day with the Google Maps easter egg instructing you to “Swim across the Atlantic Ocean” at a distance of 5,572 kilometers (taking 29 days) if you want to drive from any point in the continental USA and Canada to Europe. See for instance any of these posts: Kottke, Google Blogoscoped, Metafilter, and The Map Room.

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2007 Philippine Blog Awards Night

9:27 am PHT

So the Awarding Night of the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards will happen this Saturday, March 31 at 6 in the evening at the Podium 4 of the RCBC Plaza in Makati. If you want to get a free invite, just follow the instructions on this blog post. The ceremony is a semi-formal/formal affair—I guess I should already buy my own tie instead of always borrowing from my father.  :p

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The Tipping Point

5:29 pm PHT

I already finished reading this New York Times bestseller by author Malcolm Gladwell called The Tipping Point. It’s a very educational and informative book, a hodgepodge of psychology and sociology topics useful for marketing people. But even if you’re not a marketing person, I’m sure you’ll learn quite a bit from this often talked about book.

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More Free Wi-Fi

12:25 am PHT

Apparently, Airborne Access’ Wi-Fi network is indeed glitchy. While that’s usually a bad thing, on the balance, I like it because I keep on enjoying more free Wi-Fi access. Similar to the first time, I was able to essentially double the minutes of my Airborne Access Wingspan prepaid cards. The other Saturday, I used some of the prepaid cards I got from the Eastwood City Wi-Fi promo. Sometime into my second hour, the network went dead and so I finished my web surfing session. Last Saturday, I checked the balance of my cards on a whim and was pleasantly surprised to find my minutes unused! Two more free hours!  :D

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I Named 115 UN Countries in 10 Minutes

1:49 pm PHT

Not bad. I was able to name 115 UN member countries out of a total of 192 in 10 minutes. That’s almost 60%. Try to see if you can beat me via this cool online quiz. Tip: you don’t have to press the return key if you typed an unidentified country correctly. I would’ve listed my results here but that would spoil the fun!  :) (Via Kottke.)

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323 (is 300 + 23)

11:44 pm PHT

Forgive the admittedly cheesy title, but since the last two movies I saw have numbers for their titles, this movie commentary post is just begging for it. Hehehe.  :)

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New Species of Palm Tree Introduced in the Philippines

11:59 pm PHT

While going to work Wednesday morning, I noticed a strange-looking palm tree planted at the southern end of the Manila Golf Club near the Fairways Tower and McKinley Road. It was definitely a new species, probably yet unseen by the country’s botanists. So I took a picture of it this morning:

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Wikipedia and Credibility

1:05 am PHT

A top editor of Wikipedia was forced to resign his positions of authority amidst community outrage that he has been contributing under false pretenses. This scandal is possibly Wikipedia’s biggest test of credibility since the Seigenthaler controversy two years ago. See more coverage on Google News and Technorati.

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Google Maps/Earth Updated Coverage 2

9:55 pm PHT

Google has updated their data for Google Earth and Google Maps last February 28. In terms of Philippine content, I only see just a few more areas with high-resolution satellite imagery care of Digital Globe. Below is my updated hi-res coverage map. (See the previous version.) The blue spots show areas with added hi-res imagery. The red spots indicate places with already existing hi-res coverage.

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A Music Break

5:16 pm PHT

Now for something light, here is a list of songs that I like and have entered my consciousness in the past few months.

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