2006: December

Lucky Player Wins 2 Million Pesos in Deal or No Deal

10:33 pm PHT

A while ago, I just saw the most exciting game of Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal, ever! If you enjoy watching this game show, then this is the episode that shouldn’t have missed.  :)

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Tokyo Train History Map

12:12 pm PHT

On an infographic whim, I decided to create a map showing the train lines and stations I visited during my last two trips to Japan. Follow the thumbnail link above to see the full-size version.

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Photolog: Fountain

2:02 pm PHT

 A fountain in La Cittadella, Kawasaki City

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Inang Yaya

7:41 pm PHT

When I first saw the trailer for Inang Yaya, I said to myself “I am definitely going to see this.” So I was glad that this film was still screening (mostly at SM cinemas) when I got back from Japan, especially before all the theaters will begin showing MMFF entries. I saw it last Monday, and I would have to agree with others that this is the best Pinoy film I’ve seen so far this year.

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Lumang Parol

7:22 am PHT

I miss the old parols I used to see in my childhood. Those handmade stars with paper tails in a fluffy circle. And lit with a bulb that gives off a warm incandescent glow. You don’t see them nowadays, since they’re replaced with electronic flashy ones that I’ll admit do serve to make the holidays bright and happy.

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Super Escher

9:52 pm PHT

I have the lucky timing of being in Tokyo during the time a selection of M. C. Escher’s works were being displayed at an exhibit in Shibuya. The Dutch M. C. Escher has been one of my favorite artists, ever since I saw his work, Relativity, in a Childcraft volume from World Book Encyclopedia. If Relativity seems familiar, it’s because the concept has been used many times, the most notable reference for me being the climax scene in the movie, Labyrinth. In fact, Relativity can be seen hanging on the wall of the bedroom of Sarah, the movie’s lead character.

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“Here (In Your Arms)”

10:26 pm PHT

I really love the song “Here (In Your Arms)” by hellogoodbye. I first heard it (well at least the latter part) on 99.5 RT several weeks ago and it was new on the airwaves back then. I thought that it was a new house song due to the heavy use of synthesizers and DSP’d vocals, but listening to it in its entirety, it’s more pop than electronic. I think the correct genre is power pop (e.g., “My Sharona”).

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Japan Travelogue (Part 3)

12:31 am PHT

It has been almost two weeks since I’ve been here in Tokyo. The weather has been mostly overcast, with isolated rain showers, and the temperature is slightly uncomfortable at 10–20°C. (The coolness is actually quite bearable, if it weren’t for the icy wind.) Right now autumn is catching up with about half the trees still in summer green and the other half in fashionable fall colors or winter nakedness.

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