2007: February

Topographic Maps Using SRTM3 Data

11:32 pm PHT

Last weekend, I played around with the public domain data obtained by the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission or SRTM. I wanted to use this data to create topographic maps that I can contribute to Wikipedia.

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What’s Funny in this Photo?

9:18 am PHT

Look at the photo above of a billboard along South Luzon Expressway. Notice anything funny? Try to think of it for a minute or two. Give up? Then check out these two links for a clue: link 1 and link 2.

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A Personal Annual Report

11:33 pm PHT

Check this out. There’s this guy who made his own annual report (like the one’s made by companies for their investors) but this one is about his own life during the past year. The layout, graphics, and color scheme is top-notch. The depth, breadth, and subject matter of information is interesting. And the individual statistical data points border on the anal. (He documented how many times he went out drinking, what he drank, and which bar he went to—can you believe that?—though there is an inebriated disclaimer. Hehehe.  :))

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2006 Top 10 Movies

6:22 pm PHT

One traditional post that I do yearly in this blog is a list of the top 10 movies that I’ve seen for the past year, in this case, for 2006. If you’re interested, you could check out my 2005 and 2004 listings. Like before, the only movies that can be included in the running are those that had their theatrical screening in 2006 and that I saw them in 2006.

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2007 Philippine Blog Awards

11:46 pm PHT

Nice. After the very successful Blog Parteeh now comes the first ever Philippine Blog Awards. I think the decision to have a party first before the awards was a really good call by the organizers. This makes it easier to drum up wide sponsor support and media and blog publicity.

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2:36 pm PHT

If the previous entry was about a real Babel story, this one is about Babel, the movie, which I saw last night. I found film’s synopsis interesting and it won the Golden Globe Best Picture for drama, so the film got into my list of must-see movies. Fortunately, I was able to catch it before it gets booted out (only Gateway and some SM malls were screening it in the Metro).

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A Real Babel Story

12:41 am PHT

I read today a story of a mother who got separated from her family for 25 years. The mother lives in the Thai province of Narathiwat, just adjacent to Malaysia. In 1982, she got on a wrong bus going home from an excursion in Malaysia and ended up in Bangkok. Not being able to speak or read Thai, she boarded another bus and reached Chiang Mai, near Myanmar. She spent the next 5 years begging, and then two decades in a homeless shelter where no one is able to talk to her.

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Snap Out Of It!

10:38 pm PHT

Annoyed by those intrusive Snap Previews? Disable them for good. (Via Kottke.)

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Build Your Campus in 3D Competition!

7:44 pm PHT

Google is having a contest for building the best school campus in 3D using Google SketchUp. The grand prize is an all-expense-paid trip to the Google Campus in Mountain View, CA. Too bad the contest is only open for residents of the U.S. and Canada.

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Isoangular Dials

3:23 am PHT

Obviously, I took the picture above while I was going almost 80 KPH on the road. Kids, don’t try this at home! (Or rather on the road, for that matter.) I took it because it shows all three dials pointing in roughly the same direction. I learned way before that in fourth gear, the speedometer and the tachometer move almost in synch. So it’s just a matter of having the gasoline tank full and driving at 80 to get this coincidence.

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Free Wi-Fi in Eastwood?

8:55 pm PHT

No, I’m not talking about the free Airborne Access Wingspan pre-paid cards promo. I’m talking about real free Wi-Fi access like the one you get in Robinson’s Galleria.

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Belated Blog Parteeh ’07 Post

8:20 pm PHT

In my previous entry, I blogged about the Blog Parteeh ’07, which I then attended last Saturday. I won’t give a blow-by-blow account anymore since lots of people have talked about it, but I’ll give my thoughts about it. And no, don’t expect a creative post like my previous one this time.  :)

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