2007: January

Pinoy Blog Party Alienates Bloggers

2:20 am PHT

On Saturday, January 27, the largest ever gathering of Pinoy bloggers will be held in Makati. However, the registration process, deemed simple by the organizers, seems to be alienating a few bloggers.

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An Inconvenient Truth

3:47 am PHT

Ever since I read last year a blog post about Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth from superblogger Kottke, I knew that it was one film that I would definitely watch. I was fortunate enough to happen to view the movie ads in a newspaper and to particularly learn that SM would have a limited screening of the documentary. (I’m not sure, but I think there was an earlier screening of this film when I was in Japan.)

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The iPod as a Purchasing Power Parity Measure?

4:16 am PHT

I read an interesting business article yesterday saying that an Australian bank has developed a new purchasing power parity index called the iPod Index. We all know about foreign exchange rates. But we also know that just because the U.S. dollar is equivalent to 49 Philippine pesos, does not mean that an apple that sells for 50 cents in California will go for 24.50 pesos in Cebu.

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No Grand Fireworks for Me

11:24 pm PHT

I so wanted to watch one night of the second World Pyro Olympics and I did plan to go see China’s and the Philippines’ show last Saturday but I never did get around to doing it. The primary reason was that I was dissuaded by anecdotal reports of the horrendous traffic within 10 kilometers of the Mall of Asia and the secondary reason was that I didn’t relish the idea of spending a lot of time at the mall just to avoid the peak of the traffic.

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Eastwood City Wi-Fi Promo

12:20 am PHT

After leaving the office early today, I redeemed 3,000 pesos worth of receipts at the information booth of Eastwood City and got myself three hours of Airborne Access’ Wingspan pre-paid Wi-Fi cards. Eastwood was congratulating itself for being the first “city” to have full Wi-Fi coverage and it’s celebrating by having a promo in partnership with Airborne Access. Basically, every 1,000 pesos worth of receipts dated this January 2007 from any Eastwood City establishment nets you a free 1-hour Wi-Fi access!

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A Five-point Disclosure

12:52 pm PHT

Ok, so I was tagged by Miguel Paraz with the disclosure meme wherein you share five secrets about yourself. I saw this meme pass through some of the foreign blogs that I read (e.g., Tim Bray and Philipp Lenssen) but I didn’t expect it to reach the top-tier Philippine blogging scene (i.e., Marc and Father Abraham) through the SEO-related blogs.

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