2005: February

Sunday at Ayala Center (and Other Musings)

10:41 pm PHT

I spent Sunday lunchtime over at Ayala Center in Makati to attend the baptismal reception of Evan Andre, the son of my cousin. The lunch was at one ballroom of the New World Renaissance Hotel. Well, Jun Capulong, the husband of my cousin is rich. So I guess they can afford to throw a grand celebration.

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PVD and Trance

10:10 pm PHT

So far, my biggest musical discovery this year is Paul van Dyk. He’s an East German DJ/producer smack dab in the middle of the trance music genre. I encountered him through his well-known track, “Nothing But You,” as part of a DJ mix CD. In many circles, he is acknowledged as the King of Trance.

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Toki #2

1:00 pm PHT

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Professional Blogger

10:17 am PHT

Jason Kottke, the high-profile New Yorker blogger and web designer, has quit his job and decided to blog full time last Tuesday.

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No iPod for Me

11:33 pm PHT

If ever I would buy my own portable music player, it definitely won’t be an Apple iPod no matter how cool it is. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t appreciate someone giving me an iPod as a present—I would be thrilled to receive one—but I wouldn’t buy it with my hard-earned money.

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8:46 am PHT

Presenting the premiere issue of my comic strip entitled Toki. (The image above is a link to a larger version). If you’re from UP Diliman, you should instantly recognize the title and you should also be able to guess that my comic strip is about life in UP Diliman.

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7:39 pm PHT

Yes, I’ll admit that I watched Star Cinema’s pre-Valentine offering. And the verdict? It’s surprisingly very good! By now, you should’ve heard by word-of-mouth or whatever about the unconventional storyline of the movie and the clever twist that will be revealed near the end.

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Syzygy Commenting

11:38 am PHT

Syzygy, my custom-built weblogging software, has been updated to add new commenting functionality.

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