2006: April

Google Maps Updated Imagery

9:17 pm PHT

Yay! Due to a recent update of Google Maps’ data, satellite imagery is now at par with what Google Earth has. What does this mean? We now have hi-resolution imagery of five cities in Mindanao! We can now spy on Cagayan de Oro, Davao City, Cotabato City, Butuan City, and Bislig City. More playing grounds for my other blog.  =)

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What Do You Know? I Did Get An iPod

11:58 pm PHT

Remember when I said that I wouldn’t get an Apple iPod? Well, I changed my mind. I’m now a proud owner of a black Apple iPod Nano 4GB, which I bought in Akihabara for only ¥24800 (around 10,600 pesos). I can’t wait to turn my younger sister green with envy. Hehehe.

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Canon IXY Digital 800 IS

11:38 pm PHT

One nice thing about Japan is that they have unbelievably affordable consumer electronics here. And the Akihabara district in Tokyo is definitely the place to go to if you want digital cameras, portable media players, mobile games consoles, cellphones, and computer parts and accesories. In fact, most of the PSPs, digital cameras, MP3 players and 3G cellphones owned by people in my company were bought in Japan.

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Kawasaki-Kaizuka Weekly Mansion

7:48 pm PHT

Just a quickie post. I currently staying Kawasaki-Kaizuka Weekly Mansion which you can see here. If you couldn’t tell, switch to the Map view. It’s the dark gray building nearest the 7–11 on block 13 at the center of the map.  =)

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10:02 pm PHT

Hmmm… I never thought that my next movie will displace my best-movie-of-the-year-so-far V for Vendetta so soon. But Rent is quite a beautiful movie with a much more emotional impact on me. I’ve been wanting to see it ever since I saw the trailer on the Net. I wanted to watch a movie before coming to Japan (since I won’t watch one in Japan—movies in Japan are damn expensive) and fortunately, Ayala Cinemas decided to screen Rent starting on March 29. Just in time!

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My Baby Now Has a Sibling!

9:35 pm PHT

My almost one-year-old desktop PC now has a companion. Like I mentioned before, I got out and bought me a spanking new laptop, just in time for my Japan trip.  =)

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