2010: July

U.P. Diliman 3D Models in Google Earth

12:47 am PHT

I was meaning for a long time to blog about the existing 3D building models in the Philippines found in Google Earth and the Google SketchUp community, but Mike Gonzalez beat me to it last year by listing his top 10 best Filipino 3D sights in Google Earth. I agree with his assessment that U.P. Diliman has the best set of 3D models right now. Bacolod is also getting some 3D-modeling love so if Mike ever updates his list, I’m sure the City of Smiles will get prominent placing.

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6:50 pm PHT

I’m a night person. There, now I admit it. Despite having a regular daytime job and usually sleeping at night, I like spending my free time in the evening and I am in most creative phase late at night. I’ve blogged about my preference to get away from it all while the sun is out a few times before and those entries were full of emo-ness which only serves to highlight that I really, personally love the nighttime.

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Before and After the Ortigas-Mandaluyong Mapping Party

2:46 am PHT

Instead of creating an extensive report of the Ortigas-Mandaluyong Mapping Party like what I did with the Marikina Mapping Party, I decided to just show the actual fruits of our labor, namely before and after looks of the map. If you want a narrative, Ian Lopez has helpfully blogged about the event from his perspective.

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A Rave for Inception

10:18 am PHT

I declared in Plurk, “sorry, The Matrix, I love you and all but you have absolutely nothing over Inception. *Absolutely nothing!*” Yes, I do think the movie Inception is that good. It’s been getting pretty good raves from the movie critics (though not to universal acclaim, since some movie critics just want to buck the trend and to just be critical  :-P) and it’s already gotten a rating of 9.6 with more than 2,500 votes over at IMDb so I’m definitely not alone in my regard. I knew I wanted to see this film the first time I saw its trailer and the good reviews and raves from other people I know that have already seen the movie had me itching to watch Inception as soon as possible and I did so last night. I often watch movies a week or two after they have been locally released to avoid the crowds, but for this Christopher Nolan masterpiece, I made an exception.

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