2004: November

Text Capital of the World Nga Ba?

12:40 pm PHT

The Philippines has been widely touted as the “text capital of the world” for a few years now. You will hardly find any source on the web that will not mention the Philippines and its phenomenal volume of SMS. But I have been questioning this title recently.

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That was Incredible!

11:51 am PHT

Obviously, I’m talking about Disney-Pixar’s new film, The Incredibles. The movie was incredibly fun. And I have yet to see an overtly negative review of the film anywhere. It’s just that good. Way better than Shrek 2 (probably much, much better than Sharktale, which I haven’t seen). This film will definitely be in my top five films this year.

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Retrospect: Puerto Galera

12:22 am PHT

My trip to Puerto Galera has been 2 nights of well-deserved fun. I’ve partied for two nights, snorkled among the fishes and the corals, ate enough sisig to last me the rest of the year (and probably half of next year), and had my first ever paid massage!

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Shoelace OC-ness

9:13 am PHT

I chanced to read Dan’s piece on choosing laceless shoes and while interesting (both my shoes have laces, but I don them slip on/off style like some of the commenters, but I do occasionally re-tie), the more interesting bit is the shoelace knots site linked to from comment #19.

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What are the Chances?

2:58 am PHT

I opened Winamp a while ago and set it to play my playlist consisting of 75 songs in shuffle (random) mode. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I heard it play my three currently most tripped songs one after the other within the first five songs! What are the chances of that happening? I would’ve believed it’s a sign from God except that I don’t know what it is a sign of.

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Off to Puerto Galera

6:05 am PHT

Hooray for long weekends! I’m going to Puerto Galera with Renz and some of his friends from the 13th to the 15th. The last (and first time) I’ve been to Galera was on the Palm Sunday weekend of this year. It’s great there; nice beaches, lots of people, and partying at night.  :D

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Firefox, Woot!

10:54 pm PHT

Yay! Firefox 1.0 has landed. My browser of choice for the past two years has finally come of age. And, my God! The installer is only 4.7 MB! I remember downloading Phoenix (the browser’s first incarnation) at almost 7 MB and thought it was small. Now they managed to bring it down to a comfortable 4.7 MB; it’s almost as fast as downloading an MP3 song.  :)

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Give Me Feedback!

2:51 am PHT

You know the feeling that you’re talking about a million things and then you realize that nobody’s listening? Sometimes I feel like that when writing on this blog. Oh I know people read this blog, but it’s kinda maddening not to hear any reactions, comments, feedback, and unsolicited love advice.

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I’m So Glad I’m Not American

10:57 pm PHT

I’m so glad I’m not a citizen of a country where 51% of its people would rather have a president that lies, is incompetent, is greedy, and is a bigot.

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Cellphones, Sunsets, and Daggers

11:19 am PHT

Let’s resume our normal movie reactions. Over the past two weeks I’ve watched the following three films: House of Flying Daggers, Before Sunset, and Cellular. Among the three, I liked the Ethan-Hawke-Julie-Delpy starrer the best.

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