2006: February

Double the Stupidity

10:09 pm PHT

I often hear this advertising line on the radio: “Kill double the monsters [like in Ragnarok] with double the speed… from 256 kbps to 512 kbps….” Yeah… and upgrading your 1 GHz PC to 2 GHz will let you type twice as fast. (Funny, the ad line stuck so much in my head that I can’t remember the DSL company behind the ad. So much for brand recognition.)

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Tanawín ang Pilipinas

3:32 pm PHT

I’m proud to introduce to you Tanawing Pinoy, my weblog dedicated to highlighting Pinoy sights from Google Local. Well-versed web surfers will recognize that this blog is really just a localized Pinoy version of the popular Google Sightseeing blog.

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9:10 pm PHT

I’ve noticed that a few of the Metro Manila mayors have been on a binge of Atienzaism for the past year. Among them are Mr. Eusebio of Pasig, Mr. Trinidad of Pasay, and Mr. Bernabe of Parañaque. They, and a few others, have embarked on beautification projects in the same vein as Mr. Atienza’s Buhayin ang MayniLA flagship project. Granted that it’s not unusual to do a bit of beautification here and there, but they have seemed to embrace Atienza’s flair for extravagant projects.

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No Unlimited Text For Me

7:14 pm PHT

I’m so glad I don’t have any Sun unlimited account. I realized that I’d be pretty annoyed by the people who would send me inconsequential texts. For instance, a dormmate of my brother would send him on his Sun account essentially the same message in several texts. Then there are people who would forward stupid messages like in the early GSM days of Smart and Globe.

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12:08 pm PHT

Last night, I wanted to go to Makati, buy an expensive cup of Starbucks frappucino from the Leviste branch in Salcedo Village, and cross the street to stay by myself at the Velasquez Park. I wanted to think things over and to get away from it all but still be in the urban jungle.

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Double Cheese

7:20 pm PHT

Cheesy number one: it’s sung by a popular ABS-CBN talent. Cheesy number two: it’s a song for a popular toothpaste brand. But those two reasons doesn’t prevent me from liking Sam Milby’s “Close To You.” Even my older sister likes it.

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Intriguing Search Toys

6:46 pm PHT

Retrievr is a really cool image search tool. You draw an image on your left and it will automatically return images from Flickr that resemble what you’ve drawn. I agree that Google Image Search should implement this mode. Via Google Blogoscoped.

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The Plane on the Conveyor Belt

12:01 pm PHT

Before reading on, visit this puzzle post by Jason Kottke about a plane on a conveyor belt. Read it? Thought about it? Or are you as confused as many of the commenters on his post?

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Manila from Space at Night

11:39 am PHT

Here’s a fascinating picture of Metro Manila taken almost 3 years ago from space by NASA astronauts (I think on the International Space Station). It’s the first time I’ve seen a picture like it; one that shows the metropolis I love from outer space during nighttime. (Compare with this similar picture of London.) Astronomy enthusiasts might also remember this nighttime composite picture of the whole world.

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The Fortune Cookie

1:35 am PHT

I was ordering dinner at Chowking the other night when I saw that they had fortune cookies for sale. Since I’ve never touched a fortune cookie before and they only cost 5 pesos each, I gave in to my impulse-buying side (which is very tightly repressed) and bought one. What a fortunate cookie!

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Averaging Gradius

8:58 am PHT

If you’ve ever enjoyed playing Konami’s Gradius on the Nintendo Family Computer (a.k.a. NES, for those stateside) you need to see this interesting video, Averaging Gradius.

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2005 Top 10 Movies

9:08 am PHT

Like last year, I have again compiled my top ten movies of last year. Like before, the only movies that can be included in the running are those that had their theatrical screening in 2005 and that I saw them in 2005.

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