2005: October

Pinoy Nightmare Before Christmas

6:11 pm PHT

I think it is only in the Philippines that you can find Christmas carols playing alongside Halloween decorations in place.

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The Manumission

10:14 pm PHT

I’ve been meaning to blog about this dream of mine a couple of days ago but the reminder escaped my mind. I’m not a dream person. I don’t usually remember my dreams even if they were very scary or quite happy. The only reason I can recall this particular dream of mine is that I suddenly remembered about it about an hour after I woke up. And I tried my best to recall the details of the dream because it was really weird.

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That Song Game

8:13 pm PHT

Taking a leaf from many other blogs, I’ve decided to play that song game where I list down twenty music artists that I like and you try to guess my most favorite song of those artists. Whenever someone gives a correct song in the comments, I’ll update the post to show the correct answer, the person who got it, and some notes on that song. Try to give only one guess per artist; don’t use machine gun tactics!

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Knife of Dreams

6:54 pm PHT

Finally, Knife of Dreams, Book 11 of The Wheel of Time, is out! Unfortunately, this means that it will take about a year before it will become available in the Philippines in paperback format. Boo!

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Metro Manila Trivia

10:03 pm PHT

Did you know…

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Hurricanes and Typhoons

11:09 pm PHT

Call me insensitive but I can’t symphatize with the victims of both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita especially with all the public hullabaloo over these two hurricanes and the local and federal response of the United States government. Granted, these two hurricanes were unprecedented in their impact on the United States, but hurricanes/typhoons are a fact of life for me and millions of other people.

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In Search of a Name

8:08 pm PHT

I’m planning to move this blog to a new location since it is really just squatting on a domain that really has no relationship to the parent website that’s been dormant for several months now.

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