2006: June

Google Maps Now Has the Updated Satellite Imagery

8:26 am PHT

That was fast! Via Google Maps Mania I read that Google Maps now has the same new satellite imagery that I mentioned before. Wheee!

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Google Maps: Before; Google Earth: After

6:48 pm PHT

Since there’s a lead time between the introduction of new satellite imagery in Google Earth and its deployment to Google Maps, you can use the lead time to spot interesting before-and-after scenes. And we’re in the middle of such a lead time right now, due to the recent update in Google Earth.

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Two Years Na!

12:02 pm PHT

This blog, that is. Reminisce the first post as well as the first anniversary post. That’s 198 posts and how many tens of thousands of words.

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Never Fade Redux

11:50 am PHT

I’ve been seeing an increased interest in Solu Music’s song “Fade” based on the comments to a previous post and also since I’m hearing a new remix on the radio and in the clubs.

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Google Earth Hi-Resolution Coverage

5:27 pm PHT

Well, sorry for the Google Earth-related posts but I’m just excited. Hehehe. Anyway, I explored the Philippines on Google Earth and compiled all the areas with high-resolution images into the image below. The red spots (they’re not exact) mark those areas.

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Kennon Road in Google Earth

11:42 am PHT

When I found out that Metro Manila, among other Philippine cities, have hi-res satellite imagery in Google Earth, I lamented the fact that I still don’t have broadband access since Google Earth works much much better on when you have fat data pipes. (See this thread over at SkyscaperCity (old dead link) for a whole bunch of Google Earth screenshots.)

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Broadly Banding

9:00 am PHT

It’s almost inevitable that I’ll be subscribing to some sort of broadband Internet connection someday but I’m holding on to my dial-up access like some old guy afraid of technology.

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A Perfect Relationship Needs…

7:59 am PHT

I came across this gem of a statement in a personals profile…

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Don’t You Just Hate Plagiarizers? (And Non-Attributers)

1:48 am PHT

Okay, it’s probably to be expected when you’re publishing things on the web, but I didn’t really think it will happen to me. I have found these two blog posts: plagiarism #1 and plagiarism #2. Both posts infringe on my copyright to this article.

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U.P. Diliman Google Maps Mashup

3:46 pm PHT

I believe I have created the first Philippine-related Google Maps mashup that is more than just placing points on a map. I remembered recently that I have scanned before an aerial photography plate of the University of the Philippines, Diliman area from the early 90s. (These plates are used by U.P. Geodetic Engineering students in their courses.) So last night, I had this brilliant idea to create a custom map in Google Maps with the aerial photography as a new map type. So now I’m proud to present my University of the Philippines, Diliman Map Mashup located at my dormant U.P. community site (which I plan on reviving soon). Please select the “Aerial” map type to view the “new” imagery.

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