2005: September

That Big Bright Guadalupe Screen

7:34 pm PHT

It’s been there for weeks now, but woe to the driver who crosses the Pasig River southwards along EDSA at night. Notice the blindingly bright screen in front of Café Lupé? It’s far too bright. Besides, the white color is a little greenish-blue. This is not flattering at all to the advertisers that paid good money for their ads.

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Megacities and Time

11:26 pm PHT

I just watched the majority of two episodes of National Geographic’s Megacities Week, which explores the underlying vital infrastructure that powers or protects eight cities in the world. The two episodes I caught dealt with the power and electricity demands of Las Vegas in the United States, and the defense systems and engineering safety that built Mexico City in the wake of the devastating 1985 earthquake.

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Semicolonial Mentality

2:34 pm PHT

Via Tim Bray I read this enlightening piece about how the semicolon is treated like a foreign invader in the territories of American English prose.

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Hed Kandi @ PTTC

2:31 am PHT

I wanna go to Big Fish Manila’s Hed Kandi Disco Heaven 2005. It’s happening tonight, September 17, at the Philippine Trade Training Center along Roxas Blvd.

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Apostrophes and Google Don’t Mix

8:23 pm PHT

If you’ve ever tried phrase searching in Google then try this query: "ever trust the 8-bit representations"

Got one result? It should lead you to an A List Apart article entitled “The Trouble With EM ’n EN.” Notice that the highlighted phrase search in the results page has the word “don’t” in front of it. So if we add that word to the phrase in the search query, we should get the same result, right?

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“Pink Life”

7:59 pm PHT

My search for this song is actually quite a tale in itself. It is a piece of female vocal house music that I heard on the radio (99.5 RT’s On the Decks) a few weekends ago. I instantly liked it and tried to listen to the lyrics so I can research more about it on the Web. Searching proved futile since I didn’t find any lyrics matching what I heard. So I relegated the song to the back burner for future reference.

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Never Hear This Song Playing on the Radio

12:05 pm PHT

But I did hear the song being played on the radio. Not that I mind; I like the symphonic rock of Bamboo’s “F.U.” better than their hard-core head-banging “Hallelujah,” both from their sophomore album, Light Peace Love.

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The Missing Island

10:51 pm PHT

Look at this view of Google Maps. See anything missing? I wonder why no one noticed this before.

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