2006: July

Are You a Consumer or a Producer?

10:26 pm PHT

Read this post by Tim O’Reilly on the O’Reilly Radar about the seeming renaissance of amateurism in the creative processes. The last paragraph strongly resonated with what I have been contemplating for quite some time now.

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Is EDM Getting More Popular?

9:03 am PHT

Is it just me or is Electronic dance music (EDM), and house music in particular, becoming much more popular in the local music scene? One very good evidence I have is the Power Lunch show of 99.5RT, which features DJ David Ardiente doing an hour-long DJ-mixing of house music from 12 noon to 1 pm from Mondays to Thursdays. This is in addition to his old regular show On the Decks which happens from 10 pm Saturday night till 2 am.

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Citiatlas 2006

4:51 pm PHT

Just bought for myself the 2006 edition of Asiatype’s Metro Manila Citiatlas. I got their two previous editions before but I seem to have lost them. (More likely, my father hoarded them for himself.  =p) This latest edition is definitely a lot better.

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Inside Google

7:00 pm PHT

It really seems like Google is an engineer’s dream place, that is if you can hurdle the tough hiring procedures. Read this post by Philipp Lenssen about insider looks into the world of Google.

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Nokia -580

3:47 pm PHT

I bought myself a new cellphone early last June. Not because I want to, but because I needed one. You see, as I was trying to reconnect my 2-year old Nokia 6610 to the computer via the data cable, it suddenly conked out and started asking for a Restriction Code, which I have never heard before. So I rebooted the phone and it shows a “Contact Service” message that won’t go away. Gah. Looking it up, it seemed that it was a very bad thing.I suspected that the software got corrupted and so I brought the unit to Semicon at SM Southmall. That was a Saturday.

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