2008: February

Geeky Science Tattoos Anyone?

12:14 am PHT

Found via Kottke is this absolutely geeky blog showing off science- and math-related tattoos from scientists, mathematicians, programmers, and other academics. I find it to be a wonderful blend of the rebellious and the geek.

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Ad Revenue and AGB Nielsen vs. Google Analytics

4:58 pm PHT

Let’s ignore the current ZTE-Lozada affair for awhile and go back to the previous national issue: the spat between ABS-CBN and GMA over the alleged tampering of AGB Nielsen’s TV ratings. While people are now drawing up lines and labeling themselves as “proudly Kapuso” or “team Kapamilya,” at the heart of the issue is the integrity of the TV ratings and how it drastically affects the earnings of TV networks which are mostly dependent on ad revenue.

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2008 International Google SketchUp Model Your Campus Competition

3:04 pm PHT

A year ago, I blogged about the Google SketchUp 3D campus competition wherein college and university students try to create the best-looking model of their institution’s campus. The grand prize was a trip to Alice’s Wonderland—er, Google’s Mountain View, CA headquarters. Unfortunately, the contest was only open to U.S. and Canadian students. Seven lucky teams from schools ranging from Stanford University to Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering won the prize. (There was also a similar succeeding contest for Australia and New Zealand.)

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Which Neil Gaiman Book Do You Want to Get for Free?

9:29 am PHT

Free as in beer, not free as in speech, that is. In his blog, Neil Gaiman is asking his readers which among eight of his books they want to be offered for free online for at least a month. Neil states that the winning book is not necessarily the one they like most but would be the one which they would want a friend to read in order to be introduced to Neil’s writing. The online poll is only up for a week (presumably ending this Saturday, February 16th).

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100+ Feed Subscribers

9:46 pm PHT

I’d like to take this moment to give a big thank you to all of my subscribers for pushing my feed subscription count to more than 100! While 100 holds no candle to Anton’s 2,900+ or Abe’s 2,000+, I’m still chuffed to have reached this milestone in my blog, despite not actively encouraging casual readers to subscribe, and having no e-mail subscription (yet).  :D

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