2005: June


10:08 pm PHT

You learn something new everyday. While exploring the website of silverfilter, a local electronica act I saw at last Saturday’s Fête, I came across this tutorial explaining how to make a dance track. It’s interesting to say the least, and it might’ve ruined the way I listen to music (at least for a while).

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C’est la Fête

7:35 pm PHT

Wow. El Pueblo in Ortigas was packed to the rafters in this year’s Fête de la Musique. As usual, various strata of Manila’s society were there enjoying the free music and emptying the coolers of their beer cans and softer drinks. I had a great night enjoying the music at the Alternative and Electronica stages.

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First Year Mo?

8:15 pm PHT

I didn’t realize that I posted my first entry a year ago the other day. I’ve written just under 100 posts . Not bad.  :)

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Hotaru no Haka

12:12 am PHT

A little aimless web surfing and I stumbled onto this movie I’ve seen several years ago in U.P. Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka) [Wikipedia] is simply one of the most moving films I have ever seen.

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iShuffling and iTuning

11:05 pm PHT

My dad got lucky and won a 512-MB iPod shuffle in a raffle. Naturally, my younger sister went agog over it and protested when my dad announced that he’s giving it as a present to my mom. Even my younger brother and older sister were quite excited as well. In the end, my siblings got what they wanted and now they share it among themselves.

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