2007: December

Philippine Piso

2:41 pm PHT

Did that title rattle you? Was your grammar/spelling Nazi evil twin awakened by it? If yes, then you’re not alone. Filipino Wikipedians on the English Wikipedia had a long-running debate this year regarding the name of the Philippine currency and what to name the corresponding Wikipedia article.

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Maligayang Pasko!

11:33 pm PHT

Merry Christmas everyone!

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The 25-Song Naked Meme

12:41 am PHT

Well, Juned tagged me with Jayvee’s Naked Meme and I’m obliged to answer because they’re my friends.  ;-) Well here are the verbatim instructions:

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Me, a Top Problogger?

7:38 am PHT

Well, that’s according to Michael of Basapa. He has compiled this year’s list of Top Pinoy Probloggers based on TLA’s Blog Juice Calculator and as a follow-up to last year’s list. It’s not surprising that Abe is at #1 but I’m surprised that I ended up at a very high #5 with my HBJ (Highest Blog Juice) score of 4.8 and TBJ (Total Blog Juice) score of 6.9.

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Shai Coggins, ASUS Eee PC, and an Interview

1:37 am PHT

I arrived terribly late at the Blogger Meet and Greet because I had an important errand to do in Manila, yet I didn’t really miss much and I had a really great time. I finally got to meet Shai Coggins, the b5media Vice President for Community and the special guest of honor of this event. (This brings to three the total number of siblings of the Manuel clan that I have met.)  :-)

The event was held at Kape Isla at Serendra, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig and besides meeting Shai, bloggers also got to play around with Juned’s drool-worthy ASUS Eee PC. I also had an impromptu interview by Azrael Coladilla for my Blogenyo webcomic.

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