2009: September

Tropical Storm Ondoy and Park 9

3:01 am PHT

Our house and immediate vicinity was pretty much spared from all the flooding that beset the metropolis and the surrounding areas. Aside from the fact that our terrace completely flooded due to inadequate drainage and which almost brought some rainwater into the house, it was a pretty much run-of-the-mill stormy day for us in our household. So I was pretty much oblivious to the widespread calamity and record-breaking rainfall. It was only a few hours ago when I decided to browse around that I freaked out with what I saw.

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Up in 3D!

11:20 pm PHT

I have to say that with the release of Up, Pixar shows that it still has the magic of turning good family stories into full-blown CGI masterpieces. Also, I think that Up is Pixar’s best film to date. It has a lot more heart in it than Monsters, Inc., action that can almost rival The Incredibles, and lovable characters like in WALL-E and Finding Nemo.

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Adding Parking Aisles in OpenStreetMap

8:31 pm PHT

As far as I know, aside from OpenStreetMap, there is no other online mapping service that would extensively show parking aisles in parking lots. (You know, those lanes where you drive around hoping to catch an empty parking spot?) In OSM, parking aisles (tagged in the OSM database as “service=parking_aisle”) are simply specialized types of service roads ("highway=service”). So I’ve been quite crazy the past several weeks adding parking aisles to some parking lots. See the results below showing SM Southmall and Alabang Town Center with parking aisles in their parking lots marked.

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LazerXtreme and Serendra

10:18 pm PHT

Late last month, I went to Bonifacio Global City to meet up with my college barkada. One of us would be migrating to the States (where her family already is) in October and the gang decided to have an early despedida. I came a bit late since I was in Nasugbu and caught up with them having dinner at Gerry’s Grill in Market! Market! Afterwards we had a game of laser tag at the popular LazerXtreme before crashing at Serendra where one of us has a unit. That was the first time I tried LazerXtreme and also the first time I stepped inside the condo proper of Serendra.

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