2006: March

Raishuu Watashi wa Nihon e Ikimasu

9:22 am PHT

It’s official. I just got my Japanese visa yesterday so I’m going to Japan next week on a company-sponsored trip along with two of my groupmates (five of my groupmates are already in Japan and one of them is coming home tomorrow). I’ll be in Japan for 4 weeks which means that this will be the first time I’m spending Holy Week away from the country.

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Music to Start the Summer

11:11 pm PHT

Here’s some of the latest music I’ve been discovering and enjoying.

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Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

11:40 am PHT

The trailers don’t do the film, V for Vendetta, justice. I saw the trailers before and it didn’t get me interested enough to see the movie. But after my very good friend told me to go watch it, I did and was pleasantly surprised. This is probably the best movie I have seen so far this year.

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Revisiting Manila from Space at Night

6:17 am PHT

Following up on what I threatened to do before, I took some time yesterday to annotate that picture taken by astronauts at night. Ta da!

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Dear Diary…

6:07 am PHT

Yesterday was pretty good. I went to Gold’s Gym in Alabang for the second time again. Went there about three weeks ago. Ok, so they have pretty much complete equipment this time but there are still no showers! No towel service either! And the steam room and sauna were not operating. I so wanted to try and relax in the heat… Oh well. Maybe they’ll be okay in a month’s time. (They’d better.) Good thing I always bring an extra small towel with me. Forgot to bring alcohol though.

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Tiësto vs. Hed Kandi

1:26 pm PHT

I wonder why the fates have decided to put these two electronic music events on the same day. Electronic music is not a particularly big thing here in the Philippines and people have been agonizing over which event to go to on March 31. (I’m told that the bigwigs at Bigfish, the organizers of the Hed Kandi event, are furious.) Then again, some people might decide to go event-hopping since the two parties will be held within 400 meters of each other.

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In the Market for a Notebook

10:20 pm PHT

I’m going to buy a notebook/laptop by the end of this month and I would like to solicit suggestions on what are the nice mobile computers out there. I’ve never owned a laptop before and so I don’t consider myself informed about the possible choices.

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Trying Out Fitness First (And Comparing it With Gold’s Gym)

9:44 pm PHT

I recently got a complimentary workout at Fitness First Eastwood and availed of it last Tuesday. I’ve never worked out at Fitness First before and I wanted to try it. My current gym is Gold’s Gym (I decided to get a membership after trying it out last year) and I was curious about the differences between these two popular fitness franchises.

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Experimenting with Google Maps API

12:07 am PHT

I’ve added a beta Map page to my second blog, Tanawing Pinoy, (now named Vista Pinas). Like the original Google Sightseeing, I plan this page to be an interactive embedded map pointing to all or a subset of the featured sights from the blog.

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1:32 am PHT

What an interesting day. I’ve never seen so many of my UP EEE batchmates in one day ever since college. And I wasn’t really expecting it.

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First Post on Earthquake!

7:08 pm PHT

Ok, so the earth shook just a little more than a minute ago. Am I the first Filipino to blog about it?  =) (Was sitting in front of the computer when it happened.) See also this previous post.

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