2006: January

No More Piso per Text to Singapore

12:01 pm PHT

Today is the last day of Globe’s CelebRATE Promo where you can call and text Singtel subscribers at rates as if they were on the Globe network.

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31st MMFF: Blue Moon

9:15 am PHT

Blue Moon is actually the only film I was really interested in from last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. And that was what I saw. It’s a good film with a great story and notable acting by Christopher de Leon, Dennis Trillo, and Jennylyn Mercado.

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PvD Back in Manila!

6:15 am PHT

After a little more than a year, DJ Magazine’s 2005 #1 DJ Paul van Dyk is coming back to Manila to promote his Politics of Dancing 2 DJ mix compilation. The album contains his newest single “The Other Side,” which is dedicated to the people affected by the 2004 tsunami.

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Two Films of Two Boys

6:22 am PHT

To close the movie reviews for 2005, I’m gonna talk about the film of the boy who lived and that of the boy who bloomed. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros were the last two movies I saw last year.

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Lucky Friday the 13th

8:59 am PHT

I got two free invites to go see Jam 88.3’s advanced screening of Little Manhattan. I was the fifth texter to correctly answer the question, “What does the acronym MoMA stand for?” The answer is the Museum of Modern Art. The screening is later at 8:00pm at Robinson’s Galleria.

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Misplaced Pink Fences

11:51 am PHT

I realized something when I was going home last night. On the end of the southbound side of Coastal Road there stands a line of MMDA pink fences separating the traffic between those vehicles headed towards Cavite and those pushing towards Las Piñas.

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IP Paranoia

2:24 am PHT

There is this technology company, on the top 200 of both the Fortune Global 500 and the Forbes Global 2000, with revenues in the tens of billions of dollars, that recently decided to ban the use of all software licensed under the Apache License and IBM’s Common Public License.

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A New Year, A New Home

4:18 pm PHT

If everything works as expected, you should now be seeing this blog in its new URL, Like I mentioned before, I planned to migrate this blog to its proper home instead of squatting on some other domain.

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7:30 am PHT

Ears were deafened due to the noise. Land transportation was halted due to dangerous fireworks. Air transportation was suspended, again because of fireworks and because visibility was down to 500 meters. Several fingers will be lost. A few people may get blinded. Despite the hard times, people seemed to want to compete in the World Pyro Olympics. It was a warzone out there.

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