2005: July

Craigslist Manila (and Pusit)

6:12 pm PHT

Woah. It seems that the Manila edition of Craigslist has been launched sometime within the last three months. I wonder how I missed it.

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The Island

2:53 am PHT

I loved it! I think it’s the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. (I’m most probably exagerrating, but then, I can’t deny the big smile on my face during the movie’s ending credits.) So go watch it!

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Half-Blood Prince

12:03 pm PHT

I finally finished reading the sixth Harry Potter book last weekend, after waiting for my two sisters to finish reading it. And now I know why Harry Potter fanatics felt sad and disappointed with the book’s ending. You only need to read the various blog posts around the world.

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Down with the Parliament!

12:10 pm PHT

If the purported new Philippine Constitution will make the Philippine government a parliamentary system, I would vote it down and encourage others to do the same in the plebiscite that seeks the new constitution’s approval.

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Not So Fantastic

10:36 am PHT

Fantastic Four is a cheesy popcorn movie. It has nice CGI, but nowhere near as nice as Episode III or even War of the Worlds. It has a very shallow plot; Spiderman and Daredevil were better. It’s just one nice entertaining movie that you’d only watch once.

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11:39 pm PHT

That’s me with my son. Godson that is. His name is Lex and he lives with his mom over in Tarlac. Last Sunday was the first time I got to visit him. I went along with some of my other fellow ninongs and ninangs from our barkada. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to his Baptism last year since my parents wouldn’t let me go to Tarlac (but they surprisingly let me go without comment this time). Lex just turned one last June and so we decided to visit him once most of us had a free weekend.

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9:51 pm PHT

Hay. Malas naman talaga o. I went home last night, turned on my PC, and wondered why it wouldn’t detect my new S-ATA hard disk and why there was some weird clicking noises when I boot the PC up. It seemed that the hard disk crashed. The brand-spanking-new hard disk. The 5-year Seagate warranty sticker on the hard disk mocks me.

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I Can See My Church From Here!

2:48 pm PHT

In a reference to the oft-mentioned phrase, “I can see my house from here!” I’d like to show you the Google Maps Satellite view of the Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Philamlife Village, where my family goes to mass every Sunday. (See also my earlier post on Google Maps Satellite view).

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War of the Worlds

7:41 am PHT

The recent Spielberg-Cruise collaboration is one very nice understated CGI masterpiece. I’ve been wanting to watch it ever since I heard about it and I liked it although the ending was quite abrupt. (Though, people who have read the book or know about the story would be pleased at the faithfulness of the film’s ending.)

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Tracking the Baton

5:25 pm PHT

Since I’ve now done my part in passing the baton, I’ll blog about the meme itself. I first saw this meme on this post by Stuart Langridge, one of the geek bloggers that I read. Then I noticed it entered the Philippines (as far as I can tell) through Markku Seguerra’s post. From there, it took several more blogs and weeks before it got passed on to me.

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The Musical Baton

4:45 pm PHT

I finally got passed this long-lasting musical baton from Leenlang. Credit also goes to Markku who wanted me to try it but I instead waited to get the baton “legitimately.” And of course, I’m doing my best to perpetuate it.  :)

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