2006: November

Of Homilies and Pacmania

3:48 pm PHT

Some parishes have started to use LCD projectors instead of overhead projectors in their masses. They’re used to typically display lyrics to hymns, the responsorial Psalm, and almost the entire misalette in some cases.

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Raishuu Watashi wa Nihon e Ikimasu 2

12:23 am PHT

Well, what do you know. I’m going to Japan again. That’s the second time this year. I’m staying there for 4 weeks as well, same as last time. I’m actually looking forward to this trip, though I’m kinda put off by the cold temperature that’ll greet me (5 to 15 °C—colder than your normal aircon!) and that’s not even the coldest it can get in Tokyo. I’m just glad my trip’s not in the middle of January.

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’Di Kaliwete

8:35 pm PHT

Here’s something that’s been bugging me for two weeks now. What’s the opposite of “kaliwete,” or the Tagalog for “right-handed”? Is right-handedness so prevalent that we have no native word for it?

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