2008: April

You Got Tech Faces and Lose Your Beer Belly Video

11:39 pm PHT

As a sort-of teaser to my “much anticipated” coverage of iBlog4 and the Bloggers’ Night, I have revealed the faces behind ten of the You Got Tech bloggers and I have also posted on YouTube a video I took of Lose Your Beer Belly.

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Bloggers’ Business Cards

11:45 pm PHT

You should know by now that tomorrow, April 26, there will be two back-to-back bloggers events. The first is the iBlog4: The 4th Philippine Blogging Summit at Malcolm Hall in U.P. Diliman, and the second is the Bloggers’ Night. These blogger events are very good ways of meeting other bloggers that you have only conversed with online as well as an excellent venue for networking and gaining more friends and acquaintances.

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Libel, and Choosing your Battles

11:48 pm PHT

Two weeks ago, a few bloggers and I got to talk to a journalist who had the experience of being charged with libel and spending overnight in jail. I won’t mention the journalist’s name because she requested it, but the insights she provided about libel were quite enlightening, to say the least, especially since bloggers are affected by it too.

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Intel Cavite Closing Down, for Real?

2:35 pm PHT

Almost one year ago, Yuga raised the alarm that Intel might move their Cavite operations to Dalian, China. Well, it didn’t happen at that time. Also, when Intel announced last year that they will sell off their flash memory unit to form a new company called Numonyx, the closing fears circulated the rumor mill again since half of the operations at Intel Cavite was in the manufacturing of flash memory. Well, just yesterday, an internal announcement came that Intel Cavite might close off for good within the next six to nine months.

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Revenues vs. Expenses

4:35 pm PHT

Some people consider me a problogger but I can assure you that my online activities, which includes blogging, are hardly my main source of income. While I did get my first AdSense commission last year, I’m still in the red as far as revenues versus expenses go. Just look at the chart below.

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April Fools?

11:37 am PHT

When I opened a Linux terminal this morning at work, the following fortune quotation came up:

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