2006: May

When Will Google Have Metro Manila in Hi-Res?

7:24 pm PHT

DigitalGlobe, one of Google’s sources for satellite imagery already has a composite image of Metro Manila in high resolution. This imagery was taken in 2004 and the next one will be in 2007. When will Google incorporate this into Google Maps/Earth?

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MySpace vs. Friendster

10:26 pm PHT

See this Google Trends graph for Friendster vs. MySpace. It’s no surprise that MySpace has overshadowed Friendster in social networking circles. But if you’re asking, “MySpace? What’s that?” then the bar graphs at the bottom should explain why. While MySpace utterly dominates in Google Searches, Friendster packs a wallop in localized searches, the Philippines in particular and Southeast Asia in general. (Compare with the MySpace vs. Friendster graph.)

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Photoelectric Effect

6:41 am PHT

Can anybody guess how I did this photo below? I discovered this nice effect by accident.  =)

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Japan Travelogue (Part 2)

12:00 am PHT

I’m extremely impressed by the railway system of Tokyo. For me Japan’s railways epitomizes their efficiency. You will really pity Manila and its traffic-congested streets, polluted metro air, and reckless bus and jeepney drivers after having a taste of Japan’s trains.

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Japan Travelogue (Part 1)

11:27 pm PHT

When an officemate asked me what my impression of Japan has been so far, the number one word I can think of is “efficient.” From their mass transportation system down to the way one orders food in restaurants, their efficient use of technology drives their way of life.

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