2005: April

Hotkey Goodness

10:59 pm PHT

I’ve owned my Nokia 6610 for almost a year now, but I only discovered two of its nice hotkey features only recently. You’re welcome to skip this post if you’re not interested in techie minutiae. (I’m a self-confessed geek. So sue me.)

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10:53 pm PHT

I really have a crush on Paul van Dyk’s song “Crush.” It’s now officially my second most favorite song of PvD next to “Nothing But You” (and its various remixes).

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The President Goes to Mass

12:36 pm PHT

Her Excellency, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, just attended the mass I attended this morning. Some notes, observations, and musings:

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10:49 pm PHT

I love the metropolis, despite its choking atmosphere, infuriating traffic jams, and above-average crime rate. I love looking at the tall skyscrapers of the Makati Central Business District. I enjoy driving through the city’s thoroughfares late at night (when there’s little traffic). I savor the visits to the classy malls and hangouts like Greenbelt, Eastwood, and Malate. I like window shopping in Megamall and going out on gimiks with friends.

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Google Satellite

8:10 pm PHT

This is really cool! Google last year acquired this satellite imaging company called Keyhole. And this year, Google launched Google Maps, one of the slickest webapps I’ve ever seen. People probably saw this coming but Google recently combined the two technologies and added satellite views to their Google Maps offering.

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7:01 pm PHT

Just a quickie post. I suddenly realized something about the word “dreamweaver” that I never saw before. I encountered the word through two very different ways and only realized just now that they were the same word.

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Viva Il Papa

2:28 pm PHT

This entry is a tribute to a holy man who has led my Church for all my life. I have never known any other pope and I’m glad he was my pope since he is one of the most respected and most charismatic popes of the 20th century.

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Bad Haiku

10:55 pm PHT

Haiku in Greenbelt
Had really lousy service
Food was expensive

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