2006: August

What’s the Common Thing?

12:19 pm PHT

Hmmm, let’s try something new on this blog. Shown below are five stanzas and your job is to try to discern what is the common thing among them. There are many true answers like, “these stanzas all have the letter e” or “these stanzas are all in English”, but the correct answer I am looking for is far less mundane.

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What is this Number?

1:17 pm PHT

  • What is the only number between a square and a cube?

  • What is the atomic number of iron?

  • What is the number of letters in the English alphabet?

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Massive Movie Round-up

1:16 pm PHT

Since I haven’t talked about any movie I’ve seen for the past few months here in my blog. Here’s a slew of them.  =)

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Food Memories

11:07 pm PHT

Almost all people have their favorite foods, of course. I generally like many dishes based on potato or chicken. I like pasta too. But whether favorite or not so favorite, I’m sure practically everyone has some fond memories attached to some foods. Here are some of mine.

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