2005: January

Relativity in LEGO

6:05 am PHT

This is absolutely cool! The first work of M.C. Escher that I ever saw, Relativity, was recreated in LEGO. Explore the site to see more amazing constructions in LEGO, including four other Escher’s works. Also visit the official site of M.C. Escher.

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There are 72 Starbucks Branches in the Philippines

12:34 am PHT

Via Jason Kottke is this link to Starbucks’ online store locator where I found out that there are 72 branches in the Philippines, all owned by Rustan’s Corporation, might I add? (I’m surprised—there’s only one branch in Cebu City?) From Jason’s post and readers’ comments, you can see that there are locations in New York and London where there are more than 150 Starbucks branches within a five-mile radius!

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30th MMFF: So… Happy Together

6:15 am PHT

After a long time, I’ll be completing my commentary of the three movies I saw from the 30th Metro Manila Film Festival. If you’re interested, you can read my thoughts about Spirit of the Glass and Aishite Imasu. And continue reading on to know more about So… Happy Together, the last MMFF film I saw.

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9:52 am PHT

Via Kottke is this link to a guy who uses a tortilla instead of a regular breadboard for electronics.

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Kitchie’s Album

11:30 am PHT

My youger sister bought Kitchie Nadal’s self-titled debut album on CD. I like her songs and I like the design of the album! No, I don’t plan on making a review of the album since I haven’t heard all the songs on it yet but I’ll talk about the songs that I have heard and I’ll comment on the really cool layout of the album liner.

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30th MMFF: Aishite Imasu (Mahal Kita) 1941

6:20 am PHT

Aishite Imasu is the second movie I saw from the Metro Manila Film Festival. And compared to Spirit of the Glass, this is way, way, way better. The story is much more substantial, the acting is significantly better, and the cinematography is quite decent. It reminded me of Oro, Plata, Mata, another Japanese period film.

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“Deepest Blue”

10:28 pm PHT

“Deepest Blue” produced by the Ministry of Sound is the first single released by the duo group, Deepest Blue. This track, as you would expect, is my current song of the week. It is one of the most refreshing vocal house songs I have ever listened and it’s due to its simplicity.

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11:22 am PHT

Via Zeldman is a link to this nifty PDF containing flyers that basically tells people who inconsiderately blabber on their cellphones in closed public spaces (elevators, movie houses, etc.) to shut the hell up!

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If Money Were No Object…

10:39 am PHT

If I were asked the question on how I want my life to be if money were no object, I’d have a few ready answers. You could say that my answers would be my dream goal in life. It might be farfetched, but I think it’s achievable.

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2004 Top 11 Movies

10:52 pm PHT

Herewith is the list of my top 11 movies for 2004:

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