2009: April

Two Films Starring Kate Winslet

11:00 pm PHT

I think it’s a bit sad that some of the better films only have limited screening locally. For example, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas was only shown at Shangri-La. And then I did not manage to catch Milk and Doubt. But luckily, I was able to see in Glorietta both The Reader and Revolutionary Road, two films that starred Kate Winslet. These two movies garnered for Winslet Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress and Supporting Actress and the The Reader, in particular, gave her a long overdue Best Actress Oscar Award. These two are some of the best movies I’ve seen so far this year.

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Photolog: Sunset by the Bay

5:39 pm PHT

I love sunsets, but it’s quite rare that I get to see one set in a beautiful location. I usually get off at work when it’s already nighttime and weekends are usually spent at home where the setting sun is blocked by residential homes. So it was quite a treat that I was at BoNa Coffee at San Miguel by the Bay (not at the branch in Westgate Alabang) last Monday and caught the sunset reflecting down Manila Bay.

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The 4th Form Function & Class Mini Web Design Conference

2:45 am PHT

Following up on the third Form Function & Class Mini Web Design Conference held last March, the fourth one happened on March 18 at the G2VC Techbar in Ortigas (where the first and second were held). I must say that the talks this time were quite fun. While Rico’s WordPress theme-making presentation was enlightening, Marco’s Photoshop tips were great, and Rene’s talk about assistive web technologies was educational, my two most favorite talks of that night were Ely’s talk on Branding Design and Luis’ discourse on “Finding Your Soulmate”.

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Revenues vs. Expenses 2

8:26 am PHT

A year ago today, I blogged that my online revenues have hardly covered my online expenses making blogging and other Internet pursuits more of a hobby than a sideline. Well, I guess in these past 12 months, I have been quite lucky since I am already quite near the break-even point as shown in the updated chart below (contrast with the similar figure in my year-old post). I suggest you read that old post to get the proper background for the rest of this article.

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