2005: November

Global Monstrosity

3:37 am PHT

Being a person with good spatial intelligence, some talent for visual arts, and technical inclinations, it’s not a surprise that I’m a map freak. I love maps; I probably wouldn’t mind a job in the field of cartography or geographical information systems (GIS). And don’t be surprised if you find me poring over those you-are-here maps longer than the average person.

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Jamming with Shooting Stars

8:17 am PHT

“And now here’s something from Deepest Blue called ‘Shooting Stars,’” DJ Harry of Jam 88.3 announced just several minutes ago. And I did an, “Oh my God! They played Deepest Blue!” I knew that I just had to blog about it.

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Ambigrams Galore

6:22 pm PHT

I’m sure most of the readers have read Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons. The novel prominently featured several ambigrams in its story. And those ambigrams were really beautiful. They were commissioned by Brown from John Langdon, a freelance graphic artist that specializes in creating ambigrams, logotypes, and paintings that feature words. It should be mentioned that the character Robert Langdon was probably named after John Langdon. (Remember that Angels & Demons was the first Robert Langdon novel, not The Da Vinci Code).

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Ideas for Websites and Web Features

12:15 pm PHT

Here are some ideas for websites or web features that I’ve been thinking about lately. I might probably implement some of them, but it’d be better if there were already ideas like these out in the wild already.

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Catching a Falling Star

6:24 pm PHT

Trying to catch your heart is like
Trying to catch a star

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11:53 pm PHT

What a hilarious movie! Waiting… is maybe the funniest movie I have seen this year (Hitch and Meet the Fockers are the other finalists). While bereft of any semblance of a coherent plot, it was just perfect the way it is. My younger sister was disgusted by it and totally despises it, but I just love its toilet humor and how the film doesn’t take itself seriously. Seriously good fun, folks.

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2005 Top 100 DJs

10:58 pm PHT

DJ Magazine recently released the results of their Top 100 DJs for the year 2005 poll. While there was relatively little movement among the top tiers, the big news is that perennial #2 Paul van Dyk managed to unseat three-time #1 Tiësto from the top spot. Ferry Corsten, Sasha, and Van Buuren practically retained their spots. Trance music is still king of roost having five DJs championing the genre among the top 10. (That number doesn’t include former trance DJs Sasha and Digweed.)

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The Legend of Zorro

12:35 pm PHT

The Legend of Zorro is fun, and I think a tad bit better than the first movie. And since the development of nitroglycerin is part of the movie’s plot, we see some gratuitous explosions aside from swashbuckling swordfights. Though predictable, full of cliches, and impossibly-perfect action scenes at times, all in all, it’s a great entertaining movie.

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