2004: September

The Notebook

7:15 pm PHT

I expected the movie to be cheesy and mushy. It is.

I expected that I won’t cry like I did with A Walk to Remember. I failed.

Damn Nicholas Sparks for writing these stories and damn the movie producers for producing these films!

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The Bourne Supremacy

12:53 pm PHT

My most favorite scene in the movie would probably be the car chase in Moscow. I find it amazing how movie directors and stunt choreographers can coordinate a car chase in a well-known city that’s not in the United States. I remember also liking and being amazed by the car chase scene in the first movie, this time in Paris.

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Gmail, Woot!

2:34 am PHT

I’ve actually had a Gmail account for about ten days now. But it is only now that I’ve tried to really play with it. I’m impressed. Now I understand why people have been raving that it feels very much like a desktop application. The response is quite fast, even on the dial-up connection I’m using.

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Endless Sky

11:14 am PHT

O falcon flying high on endless sky
do tell me ’bout the tale behind thy cry
the joy of soaring through the clouds so white
the careless flight on winds unseen from sight

O falcon winging far beneath the sun
do tell me ’bout the days and years agone
of mindless youthful moments while adrift
and beauty, madness, joy that faded swift

O falcon diving down the prey so small
do tell me how to fly as high and tall
as mountain peaks so far from earth below
to ease the pain of years from long ago

O falcon soaring through the space so free
do tell me how to be as strong as thee
and teach me how to ease the loneliness
as thou hast done in sky so vast… and endless

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God Sends a Dodgeball

1:12 am PHT

Godsend is freaky. Dodgeball is hilarious. Both are worth watching but once.

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Amazing Race in Manila

11:06 pm PHT

Today was one day I wanted to go home early from the office. There was no friggin’ way I’m going to miss this week’s episode of The Amazing Race 5 where four teams are left racing in and around Manila.

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UP Fight!

7:15 am PHT

If the UP Fighting Maroons get into the Final Four, I promise to watch their game live—something I have never done before. (That is, of course, if the game is on a Saturday and there are tickets left to buy!)

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Who Wants Paintball Tickets?

6:19 am PHT

One of my favorite FM stations, Jam 88.3, regularly runs trivia contests where they ask listeners for the answer to trivia questions. Winning answers that come via their textline are awarded goodies like paintball tickets, gift certificates to DermStress, and movie passes to Ayala Cinemas.

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