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One Gross Months of Existence (Or Why Continue Blogging?)

11:43 pm PHT

On this day, one hundred and forty-four (a.k.a. one gross) months ago, I published the very first post on this blog, marking my official entry into the blogosphere.

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6 Years of vaes9

5:24 pm PHT

Since vaes9 is my first official blog, I’ve now been blogging for 6 years already having written my very first official blog post 6 years ago today. I am still continuing to churn out blog posts (like yesterday’s feature article on the Pamintuan Mansion at Vista Pinas). While my blogging volume here at vaes9 has significantly decreased these past several months, I will still continue to blog things about my personal life as well as on tech and mapping topics. I actually have quite a lot of things to write about except that finding the time is extremely difficult!  :-/

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Lakbayan and the Enigma of Filipino Nationalism

11:39 pm PHT

I grew up being taught that Filipinos hate the Philippines and that we have this stupid colonial mentality sickness. It’s been said that Filipinos prefer products made by industrialized companies over local products and that our countrymen prefer to migrate elsewhere to escape the hellhole that the Philippines had become. It’s also been said that Pinoy immigrants to the U.S. and Europe are afflicted with the so-called IMSCF syndrome ("I’m Spanish/Chinese-Filipino”), where they downplay their Filipino heritage and promote, possibly invented, foreign ancestors.

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“The 21 Steps”

4:46 pm PHT

“I was the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time…” so starts the intriguing short story set in the United Kingdom and told via the Google Maps API. “The 21 Steps” by Charles Cummings is the first story of Penguin Books’ We Tell Stories, a collection of six stories by six authors and released in six weeks (hmmm, 666?). We Tell Stories aims to do storytelling using the various tools, interactive or not, Web 2.0 has to offer; looking at the two stories so far released, the first uses Google Maps API, while the second uses blogs and Twitter. Interesting, isn’t it?

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The Kid Blogger Affair

2:51 pm PHT

Many of my readers are not into the so-called local blogging community, so here’s my unsolicited coverage of The Kid Blogger Affair, i.e., the question of the authorship of the Making Money Online with a 13-Year Old blog, which is owned by Carl Ocab, now a 14-year-old teenager.

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Three Years of vaes9

11:31 pm PHT

I expected that my recently launched Lakbayan application would become viral and really popular but I was still overwhelmed by the response. I almost did nothing with my free time except to tweak the application and manage the popularity.

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Introducing Vista Pinas

3:12 pm PHT

After months of planning and setting up, I am extremely pleased to announce that we have finally launched Vista Pinas, my second blog where I give you a virtual tour of Filipino sights as can be seen from satellite imagery found in Google Maps and Google Earth. It’s like Google Sightseeing done Pinoy-style!

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Two Years Na!

12:02 pm PHT

This blog, that is. Reminisce the first post as well as the first anniversary post. That’s 198 posts and how many tens of thousands of words.

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11:45 pm PHT

I was reading somebody’s journal a while ago and noticed the stark contrast between that person’s blog and mine. That person’s blog is quite personal (though not quite) while I blog about a lot of impersonal things. Oh, I’ve read a lot of really personal blogs (like some of the ones on my Biblography list), but I just noticed the stark contrast because this person is someone I know in a professional manner. I’ll definitely never look at that person again in the same way.

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First Year Mo?

8:15 pm PHT

I didn’t realize that I posted my first entry a year ago the other day. I’ve written just under 100 posts . Not bad.  :)

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Professional Blogger

10:17 am PHT

Jason Kottke, the high-profile New Yorker blogger and web designer, has quit his job and decided to blog full time last Tuesday.

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Endless Sky

11:14 am PHT

O falcon flying high on endless sky
do tell me ’bout the tale behind thy cry
the joy of soaring through the clouds so white
the careless flight on winds unseen from sight

O falcon winging far beneath the sun
do tell me ’bout the days and years agone
of mindless youthful moments while adrift
and beauty, madness, joy that faded swift

O falcon diving down the prey so small
do tell me how to fly as high and tall
as mountain peaks so far from earth below
to ease the pain of years from long ago

O falcon soaring through the space so free
do tell me how to be as strong as thee
and teach me how to ease the loneliness
as thou hast done in sky so vast… and endless

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First Time Mo?

9:51 pm PHT

So I finally have a blog. Just like most pseudo-losers, I’ve decided to join all the cool people and jump on the bandwagon, adding my voice to the cacophony that is the blogosphere. It would be an interesting experience maintaining a blog as I never really had a journal or a diary nor even written a regular column in any periodical.

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