2004: August

“Girl From The Gutter”

7:48 pm PHT

I finally found out important data (i.e., title, lyrics, artist) about this song being played in the bar I frequent to. I always enjoyed listening and dancing to this song. (What? Eugene—dancing?!) The song epitomizes how I enjoy music; I don’t like a particular music genre but I do like individual pieces of music. The only criteria is that it should sound good, never mind the lyrics or the message.

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Torrential Rains Batter Metro Manila and Luzon

11:47 pm PHT

SEAVnews. At least 8 people died as heavy monsoon rains poured over Metro Manila and central and northern Luzon on Wednesday, August 25. PAGASA, the Philippines’ weather bureau, declared that Metro Manila has seen a record rainfall of 39 milliliters per hour when the average is 7.5 milliliters. Schools and government offices were closed as hundreds of families were evacuated from flooded areas. A landslide in San Mateo, Rizal buried a home leaving a four-year-old child missing and presumed dead.

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The Village

11:33 pm PHT

I wonder what pushed me to watch The Village, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest movie. Alone.

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Are You Still Using IE?

12:28 am PHT

From the Web Standards Project comes the newest web campaign, Browse Happy. It shows all the neat alternatives to the dominant Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and the stories from people who have made the switch.

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8:05 pm PHT

No, this number isn’t about the hit TV series shown in the Philippines through AXN and with the dubbed version by ABS-CBN. This is, as many of you will guess, is my age for two days now. I celebrated my birthday last Friday by watching The Stepford Wives with some friends in Greenbelt 3 and hanging out at Café Breton after. And today, I celebrated it with my family by eating out for lunch at Kitaro in Starmall Las Piñas.

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Fahrenheit 9/11

9:52 am PHT

Michael Moore’s film Fahrenheit 9/11 is one piece of brilliant propaganda. Propaganda? Yes. Documentary? Not really. Anyone who thinks critically should at least see that Michael Moore is definitely taking potshots (some below the belt) at an incumbent president.

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7:14 pm PHT

As may be noticed by the extremely small readership of this blog, I’ve redesigned. The new style is called Airlight because, obviously, I wanted it to feel light and airy (maaliwalas, my sister has commented). The previous style, which I now call Columnar, looked too conventional for me. It looked good and all but it was missing some personality—it looked too much like many of the other blogs out there.

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Makati Reunion

11:55 pm PHT

I met up with a bunch of my high school classmates last Friday. It was nice seeing them again after a long time. The occasion was that Eileen was going to Bangkok to work there and this get-together was a farewell party for her organized by her college friends. Present among my classmates were Ann, Erika, Rianne, Pia, Rose, Princess, Tintin, Charlie, Roi, and Benja. Joyce wasn’t there since she’s in Germany, while Paul, Robert, and Henrique were absent, as usual.

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The Future Begins Here… Daw

10:58 pm PHT

I read with amusement the pamphlet entitled “Reasons why DLSU-Manila is the best choice for higher education.” I found this pamphlet in the DLSU application package that my fourth-year-high-school sister brought home. Naturally, I wondered what reasons could La Salle have to claim that they are the “best choice” as opposed to UP Diliman and Ateneo de Manila.

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Marking Up Taglish

10:24 am PHT

One unique problem with having a weblog when you’re bilingual is that it’s a bit hard to mark up your multi-language text semantically correctly.

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The Inanity of Captain Barbell

6:13 pm PHT

Top-grosser in the last Metro Manila Film Festival. A cornucopia of popular actors and actresses. Special effects and a love story to match. Ninety minutes of wasted celluloid.

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