2006: October

Firefox 2, Woot!

9:01 pm PHT

Yay! Finally downloaded Firefox 2 last weekend. Among the new features, I like the inline spell-checking the best, something which Yuga has been raving about. And I agree. Whenever I write a blog entry, I use Google to verify words whose spelling I’m not sure of. Now it’s all in the browser. Sweet. (Tip: configure the layout.spellcheckDefault option to also enable spell checking in single-line input text boxes.)

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Moved to Palanyag

11:11 pm PHT

To Parañaque that is. My family will now be staying here in BF Homes temporarily, at the home of my great-aunt (while she is with relatives in Canada). We will be moving back to Las Piñas as soon as we have settled on which house to go to.

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Requiescat in Pace

11:18 pm PHT

 Arnel Agbay, 1979–2006

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What’s the Missing Place?

2:40 am PHT

As a follow-up to my earlier game, let’s have another one!  :) Follow the thumbnail link below to see a special map of Metro Manila and Rizal. The map shows several roads and points of interest. While the selection may seem random, your job is to find out what place is missing from the map.

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Sulit sa Airborne Access

8:06 am PHT

Wow. I was able to enjoy my 100-peso 1-hour Airborne Access Wingspan pre-paid Wi-Fi account for almost two hours. I don’t exactly know how, but it’s probably a temporary glitch on AA’s part, which may or may not be related to the PLDT DNS problem that Yuga blogged about and that my web hosting provider e-mailed their clients on (AA is connected with PLDT).

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Freaky/Funny Elmo

8:54 pm PHT

This new Elmo toy has got me both laughing and seriously disturbed at the same time.

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Music for the Ber Months

7:12 pm PHT

To complement my previous post, “Music to Start the Summer”, listed below are several of the songs that I’ve come across and liked. Well, the primary criteria for a song to be included is that I should really like it enough right now that I just might request it on the radio. And the secondary criteria is that I should’ve come across the music within the past several months.

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Google Maps/Earth Updated Coverage

1:56 am PHT

Following-up on my previous post about the updated satellite imagery in Google Maps and Google Earth, below is version 2.0 of the Philippine hi-res coverage that I have shown before. The bright blue spots on the map below indicate the areas that have added high resolution satellite imagery. The red spots indicate the areas that already have hi-res photos.

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Cloudless Makati in Google Maps!

7:51 pm PHT

Hooray! Due to the most recent update (October 3) of Google Maps/Earth satellite imagery data, we now have a seamless, and more importantly, cloudless, satellite view of practically the whole Metro Manila!  =D Finally, the Central Business District of Makati is now shown in all its glory! For example, here’s PBCom Tower, the country’s tallest building.

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Typhoon Milenyo (Xangsane): Field Report

7:17 am PHT

As luck would have it, we were one of the last few areas in our village to get back electricity. (Thank you, Meralco; I know it’s hard being overworked to bring back electricity.) I think the power came back at around 3 to 4 a.m. this morning. And the first thing I did? Open the computer and type this entry.  :p

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