2005: August

Unconscious Mistakes

11:12 pm PHT

There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. Everyone makes them. That’s how we learn and grow. Hopefully you don’t make the same mistake twice.

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Late September

1:47 pm PHT

After numerous listening sessions at various Tower Records and Music One branches in the metro, I finally decided to buy myself a copy of Deepest Blue’s debut album Late September. I first encountered this UK pop duo, composed of Matt Schwartz and Joel Edwards, through their very successful first single self-titled “Deepest Blue.” I since heard club mixes of two of their other singles, “Give It Away” and “Is It A Sin” on the radio.

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Beinte Singko

1:59 am PHT

Last Saturday was the silver anniversary of my birth. So that will make me nominally 25 years old. But technically, I’m about 25 years and 8 and a half months old since I started to exist the moment I was conceived. (And I was about two weeks premature; I was supposed to be born in September, the same month as my dad’s birthday.)

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The Chocolate Factories

8:09 am PHT

Delightfully weird is what I would call Tim Burton’s adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’ve also had the serendipitous experience of watching Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory way back in grade school. The two films are really nothing like each other. I haven’t read the book so I’ll base my post on these two films alone.

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11:45 pm PHT

I was reading somebody’s journal a while ago and noticed the stark contrast between that person’s blog and mine. That person’s blog is quite personal (though not quite) while I blog about a lot of impersonal things. Oh, I’ve read a lot of really personal blogs (like some of the ones on my Biblography list), but I just noticed the stark contrast because this person is someone I know in a professional manner. I’ll definitely never look at that person again in the same way.

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Mainstream Ever After?

8:24 pm PHT

Driving home a while ago listening to 99.5 RT, I was shocked to hear the unmistakable opening bars of Bonnie Bailey’s “Ever After.” Huwaaaat?!? Since when did that song get into RT’s primetime playlist? On a Monday night? (Not that I’m complaining.)

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