If Money Were No Object…

10:39 am PHT

If I were asked the question on how I want my life to be if money were no object, I’d have a few ready answers. You could say that my answers would be my dream goal in life. It might be farfetched, but I think it’s achievable.

First, I’d be living in a comfortable condominium. One that overlooks a magnificent view of the city. The unit would be the perfect bachelor’s pad.

During the holidays, I was invited to an impromptu house party at Paolo’s unit at Paragon Plaza. Paolo’s a close friend of Mike, who is my good friend. The place is a small one-bedroom unit on the 31st floor, but it’s really cozy and nifty. The party was at night so I got to see this really great view of the Makati skyline, from the Central Business District to the outlined skyscrapers of Rockwell Center.

I want a place like that, but maybe somewhat bigger. Maybe one of those multi-million peso units at One Salcedo Place? Wish ko lang.

I’d have a really great computer system in my place, with broadband access to the Internet and wireless units as much as possible. Of course I’d have WiFi so that I can bring my laptop anywhere inside my pad.

My idea of a leisure day would be a short walk to an uncrowded coffee shop tagging my laptop with me. And I’d plop down on one sofa chair with a nice view of the activity outside. Of course the coffee shop would have broadband WiFi so that I can surf and do my hobbies all day long. My server would still be up and running back at my place and I’d configure it to only allow my laptop to connect to it (via secure IP). That way I can still access my working files and grab selections from my MP3 collection, which I would then offload to my portable music player.

On weekends, I’d be off enjoying the lively city nightlife. I’d be able to watch the plays I couldn’t watch because of the expensive tickets. I’d watch the latest movies in Greenbelt or Rockwell or Eastwood. Then I’d spend the witching hours enjoying the music in the hippest clubs. Afterwards, my friends and I would sit down and talk in some nice coffee shop, sipping frappucino and eating waffles or croissant.

Vacations would be spent in all the nice places. Boracay, Palawan, Hong Kong, Paris. I’d visit most of the locations around the world that I’d want to see. I’d go see for myself the landmarks I’ve read from books—like the Louvre as described in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

Of course, I’d still be working. But my work would be something I really enjoyed and where I have complete control over my time. No more 8-to-5 jobs, even if it’s on flexitime. That work should exercise both my creative and logical side; maybe a mix of graphic design and programming? And I should be able to go around snapping photos on my high-end compact digital camera.

Most people know me would say that I’d be able to do all these, given their high impressions of me. But you know what? This is still a dream. I don’t consider myself very successful yet, but I’m getting there. I’m just keeping my mind open and looking for the opportunities that would help me achieve most if not all of these.

How about you, what are your dreams?

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