Firefox 2, Woot!

9:01 pm PHT

Yay! Finally downloaded Firefox 2 last weekend. Among the new features, I like the inline spell-checking the best, something which Yuga has been raving about. And I agree. Whenever I write a blog entry, I use Google to verify words whose spelling I’m not sure of. Now it’s all in the browser. Sweet. (Tip: configure the layout.spellcheckDefault option to also enable spell checking in single-line input text boxes.)

Another feature I like is the option to subscribe to Bloglines whenever I view an RSS/Atom feed. I no longer have to do the cumbersome process inside Bloglines itself.

Oh yeah, I also like the fact that the in-page search feature can also search within forms. As a Wikipedia contributor, this is something I’ve been wanting for a long time.

Incidentally, I haven’t tested the recently released IE7 yet. Ever since I tried then switched to Firefox (I was an early adopter; been using Firefox since Phoenix 0.3), I never looked back. I now only use IE for website development.

If you’re still using IE, I suggest you now switch. Highly recommended.  =)

Update, 3 November. I forgot to add: I will make a bold prediction. When Firefox 7 is released, some developers will fork the project, create a lightweight browser in response to the feature bloat of Firefox, and name the fork, Phoenix. Hehehe.

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