Firefox, Woot!

10:54 pm PHT

Yay! Firefox 1.0 has landed. My browser of choice for the past two years has finally come of age. And, my God! The installer is only 4.7 MB! I remember downloading Phoenix (the browser’s first incarnation) at almost 7 MB and thought it was small. Now they managed to bring it down to a comfortable 4.7 MB; it’s almost as fast as downloading an MP3 song.  :)

As I’ve said before, ditch IE and use other newer browsers. Let’s take back the web!

P.S. I know that many of the new browser features (such as tabbed browsing) can be made available to IE through IE replacements (such as Maxthon/MyIE2), but these still suffer from IE’s HTML/CSS rendering bugs and HTTP security issues, since they use IE’s engine. So Firefox is the way to go!

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