Are You Still Using IE?

12:28 am PHT

From the Web Standards Project comes the newest web campaign, Browse Happy. It shows all the neat alternatives to the dominant Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and the stories from people who have made the switch.

As some of you may know, IE is lagging behind in the browser department due to its poor support of web standards that make creating and using websites easier on many different platforms, devices, and computer systems. In addition, the security vulnerabilities of IE have been highlighted too often as of late. The campaign website has more reasons why IE is currently not a good browser anymore.

I myself have switched to Firefox since late 2002. It’s an excellent browser for web developers like me because of its topnotch support for web standards. It also helps too that it’s free, small, and is open source! Plus, it’s got support for extensions and themes that let me customize my browsing experience in almost any way that I want. And I get all these in a browser that is still in beta version! The official version 1.0 release is expected to come out sometime this September. Can’t wait for that one.

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