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12:00 am PHT

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch all of the sessions since I attended a baptism in the morning with a reception during lunch. So it was in the middle of Manolo’s talk that I barged into iBlog4. I’m glad I caught Manolo speak (and it’s the first time I heard him give a speech) since he was very engaging and funny. He’s probably one of the few bloggers that’s able to translate his online eloquence into the real world.

Other highlights of iBlog4 were Ria Jose’s anecdotes into the happenings in Mindanao’s blogosphere, proving that the Filipino bloggers are not just active in Metro Manila; and JJ Disini’s talk about the legal aspects of blogging. Illegal downloaders of MP3s everywhere can now point to JJ’s example of fair use. Hehehe.  :)

Too bad that I didn’t catch Juned’s talk and how he wowed the audience by bringing out his platoon of cameras. I also heard that Karlo revealed that he is earning around $1,000 a month. Nice. And he’s still studying at that! If ever he won’t get a job after graduating, I’m sure he’d do pretty well becoming a problogger.

It’s quite noticeable that this year’s affair is much smaller than last year’s two-day extravaganza with its more than 20 speakers covering a much wider range of topics. (See my coverage of last year’s talks.) Be that as it may, content is still king, and I think that iBlog4, my second iBlog, is as successful as iBlog3. Congratulations to Janette and JJ and I again am looking forward to iBlog5.  :)

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