Me, a Top Problogger?

7:38 am PHT

Well, that’s according to Michael of Basapa. He has compiled this year’s list of Top Pinoy Probloggers based on TLA’s Blog Juice Calculator and as a follow-up to last year’s list. It’s not surprising that Abe is at #1 but I’m surprised that I ended up at a very high #5 with my HBJ (Highest Blog Juice) score of 4.8 and TBJ (Total Blog Juice) score of 6.9.

I guess I am a problogger having joined the Bayanihan Blog Network early this year with Vista Pinas and getting my first AdSense commission last month. Then again, blogging is hardly my main source of income. As Miguel said, problogging is blogging full time or earning a significant part of of one’s income through blogs. In that sense, I am not a problogger.

Therefore, I find it a bit incongruous that I’m at #5 on that list trailing real probloggers like Abe, Bryanboy, Carl, and Riz. The root reason why I’m placed that high is because of Lakbayan. This phenomenon is something I have explained before when I quickly rose up the ranks several months ago.

But don’t you worry! My inflated rankings will soon fall because the bulk of the Technorati links I gained from Lakbayan will soon drop out of sight following Technorati’s 180-day link window. I’m guessing that by the end of this month, vaes9’s Blog Juice will drop to the high 3.0s and my Ratified rank will tumble down to the 40s. Still, that’s not so bad. Give chance to others. Hehehe.  :D

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