A Personal Annual Report

11:33 pm PHT

Check this out. There’s this guy who made his own annual report (like the one’s made by companies for their investors) but this one is about his own life during the past year. The layout, graphics, and color scheme is top-notch. The depth, breadth, and subject matter of information is interesting. And the individual statistical data points border on the anal. (He documented how many times he went out drinking, what he drank, and which bar he went to—can you believe that?—though there is an inebriated disclaimer. Hehehe.  :))

I’m horrified by the fact that I want to do something similar. Fortunately, I don’t keep such obsessively-compulsive data, thank God. The only meticulous recording I ever do is to maintain my accounting records, specifically the purchases I make, the bank withdrawals I take, the compensation I receive, and my projected yearly budget. This particular sort of data keeping is extremely useful because I immediately know if I can afford to sustain new expenses, given my spending trend. (Like the housing loan me and my sister took to finance my family’s new home—see context.)

You can also check out the guy’s 2005 report, though I like last year’s design better.

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