Moved to Palanyag

11:11 pm PHT

To Parañaque that is. My family will now be staying here in BF Homes temporarily, at the home of my great-aunt (while she is with relatives in Canada). We will be moving back to Las Piñas as soon as we have settled on which house to go to.

Why are we moving? It’s because of financial reasons. My parents can’t keep up with the mortgage payments and so the family decided to sell our home instead and settle for a less financially-troublesome home. That and the fact that my parents believe in the superstition that our current home is bringing us bad luck, financially. Our original home, just at the adjacent lot, was supposedly lucky, and a neighbor commented that we should have remained at the old house and sold the new one. If you believe the superstition, it implies that our current house was not meant for my family.

I do not really believe that, though I do believe in other forms of supernatural and non-Catholic beliefs. But it’s my parent’s decision and I respect that.

I’m typing this now from the temporary home. I so wanted to go to the COMDDAP Expo at The NBC Tent yesterday but I spent the whole afternoon packing my things and moving here. We haven’t moved 100%, and so I’m in the “advance” party; my parents are still in Las Piñas, but my brother and lola is with me.

It’s a good thing that I’m not a sentimental person, and so I would not miss my room and the house terribly. It’s a little awkward adjusting to the new house but so far it’s been swell. I’ve only just finished setting up the necessary electrical and phone lines so I can now type this entry. Hehehe.

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