Blogenyo: Misrepresenting the Pinoy Blogging Community!

2:45 pm PHT

 Strip #1

I’m extremely pleased to announce the launch of my new blog, Blogenyo! As you can probably tell from the accompanying illustrations, Blogenyo is a webcomic and its focus is on events, intrigues, controversies, issues, and trends that surround the Pinoy blogosphere. The year 2007 has seen a lot of such things happening and I think it’s quite timely that a comic strip about it is launched.  ;)

I already have two comic strips up on the blog and I’ll try to release a new strip once a week (schedule permitting). Go on there and subscribe to the feed. I also welcome any submissions for individual strip ideas and I’ll credit you if I use it.

 Strip #2

This is not the first time I tried to create a webcomic. My original attempt was Toki, a webcomic on the U.P. Diliman student life. That didn’t work out since it’s hard to think up of strips when you’re not a U.P. student anymore. With Blogenyo, I don’t think I’ll have a lack of ideas since I’m part of the Pinoy blogging community.

Comments and reactions are very much appreciated. And if you like it, go and blog about it! I could definitely use some link lovin’. Hehehe.  :D

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