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I’m planning to move this blog to a new location since it is really just squatting on a domain that really has no relationship to the parent website that’s been dormant for several months now.

My long-term plan is to really get a separate identity (a “company” if you will) from which all my creations and ideas will be placed under. That includes this blog, the Toki comics (I should really get a move on that), the website, and even my old SEAV Softwares creations.

The only real problem I’m having is the name this identity will have. I want a name that suggests both left-brain logical thinking and right-brain creativity, and also implies computers. Why such a criteria? Well, I consider myself quite adept in both computer programming and graphics design. I’ve taken a computer engineering course, done some desktop print publishing on the side, been the layouts editor for my college yearbook, and have dabbled a lot with both front- and back-end web development. I want a name that captures the essence of what I can do.

I’ve been wracking my brains for a nice name for a few months now. Unfortunately, some of the good ones I’ve thought of are already taken. And it’s important that no one’s used it since I want to register a domain name for that.

I know that I could just simply use my pseudonym “SEAV” and append whatever nice-sounding entity to it (e.g., “SEAV Studios”), but I don’t want the name to have my identity. In the future, this pseudo-company might actually turn into a real company and I want it to stand on its own without needing my name or pseudonym.

So anyway, below are the candidate names I’ve thought of. I want to solicit the help of my readers (i.e., you) so that I can finally decide on a name.

  • Pixellogic and CodedPixel. These names are not candidates; they are some of the nice names that are already taken. “Pixel” implies both computers and graphics while “logic” and “code” takes care of the programming-left-brain side. I really think these are good names, but as they say, all the good ones are taken.

  • East121. This is my take on a name that’s not related to the nature of the company. This is supposed to be a clever name since it implies Manila. Why? Manila is the only major city that hits 121°E longitude. I even had a “clever” logo to go with it: an 11×11-pixel halftone pattern (11 times 11 is 121), that shows an arrow pointing east. Now that I think about it, it’s such a lame concept.

  • Pikselohika. Since Pixellogic is already taken, why not translate it to Tagalog? I’m not convinced it’s a nice name though.

  • Code & Pixels or Code & Pixel. In the tradition of Folded & Hung and Orange and Lemons. It’s a nice cutesy name.

  • CodedGraphic or CodedGraphics. These suggest a more serious and professional identity. The second name rolls off the tongue better than the first, but it emphasizes the “graphics” part, whereas I want both to be equal, as the first does.

  • LogiGraphic or Graphilogic. More mash-ups of the same concept. Not as smooth-sounding as the previous two suggestions are.

My officemates didn’t like the latter suggestions since they sound too techie. (I don’t mind since I’m really a techie person.) One officemate then suggested a whole bunch of pixellated names like PixelForge, PixelFarm, Magic Pixels, PixelDreams, and PixelWeaver. Some are good, but they imply a graphics design nature, and like other good names, they are already taken.

So there. I’m still in the process of evaluating names, and I decided to get additional input from this blog’s readers. What do you think?

Following are some logotype mockups of the suggestions. Please don’t use this as a basis for voting on a name. Creating logos are easy; it’s the name that’s more important.

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