PvD Back in Manila!

6:15 am PHT

After a little more than a year, DJ Magazine’s 2005 #1 DJ Paul van Dyk is coming back to Manila to promote his Politics of Dancing 2 DJ mix compilation. The album contains his newest single “The Other Side,” which is dedicated to the people affected by the 2004 tsunami.

Anyone wants to join and watch? It’s on January 27, this Friday, at the World Trade Center along Buendia corner Macapagal Ave. (near Roxas Blvd.). The show starts at 9 pm, but I think PvD will take the decks probably at around midnight. If ever, this will also be the first Bigfish event that I’ll attend. I’m not sure about the ticket prices, but based on what I’ve heard from friends who’ve gone to Bigfish events, the tickets cost around 500 pesos and up (probably higher this time since this is PvD we’re talking about). There are suposedly discounted tickets available from Folded & Hung, Music One, and Tower Records.

Looking at PvD’s official site, it seems PvD has his hands full promoting the album. This Friday night, he’ll be here in Manila; the next night in Guangzhou, China; then Hangzhou on Sunday night, then at the famous Zouk in Singapore the day after. He’ll have a one day rest before going back to China in Beijing on Wednesday, then Bangkok on Thursday, Kuala Lumpur on Friday, then finally Hong Kong the next day. The promoters have wisely targeted the Chinese New Year.  =)

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