The Manumission

10:14 pm PHT

I’ve been meaning to blog about this dream of mine a couple of days ago but the reminder escaped my mind. I’m not a dream person. I don’t usually remember my dreams even if they were very scary or quite happy. The only reason I can recall this particular dream of mine is that I suddenly remembered about it about an hour after I woke up. And I tried my best to recall the details of the dream because it was really weird.

I seem to be fond of reminiscing adventurous dreams. It’s probably because I’m not an adventurous person by nature. Anyway, this particular dream is both action and adventure, ala AXN. And it involves an underground resistance against an alien race. These aliens are sentient reptilian species (think Jurassic Park velociraptors, but with brains), that on the outside seemed to be benevolently governing humans or something. I only remember that human society seemed to be normal except that these reptiles acted like the government. (Buwaya ba? Hehehe.) By the way, these reptiles had very bad vision, especially in the dark.

My mom and I were part of this underground resistance movement determined to overthrow the reptiles. The movement operated from somewhere around southwestern United States (like California and Nevada). What provided difficulty was that the reptiles had this bad-ass laser that vaporizes matter. And they can target this laser with GPS accuracy. I don’t know where the laser comes from but it probably comes from a satellite. I remember the laser because I was almost annihilated by it while in a hotel comfort room. (Don’t ask me why I was there, I can’t remember either.  :)) Most of the details of the dream escapes my memory but I do remember that we thriumped somehow.

The weirdest and probably freakiest part of this dream was that I learned a new word: manumission. I remember this word was mentioned in the dream to pertain to the humans. When I remembered the dream, this word stuck in my mind. I don’t recall ever seeing it before (maybe I have, I just don’t recall), and so I don’t consciously know what it really means or even if it is a real word. I looked it up on the web and it freaked me out that the word did apply correctly in my dream. Manumission meant “freeing of slaves (by the master).” The humans in my dreams were practically slaves to the reptiles, and my involvement is to free them, though I doubt the reptiles indeed freed the humans voluntarily, which would make the word perfect.

Maybe I have encountered this word before and it sank into my subconscious which is why I can’t remember seeing it before. Then the dream machine in my brains inner recesses picked it up and applied it into this weird dream. That’s the explanation that my logical brain can think of because I find it disturbing if I somehow picked that word and its meaning out of thin air.

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